Here are more tones associated with chakras. Each tone corresponds to a particular energy centre and then its frequency is either doubled or halfed to produce the sound you hear. Many of these tones can be made on a tone generator downloaded within your phones play store. Ketone.   182,303,228-root_sacral-sol 45.5 doubled. 111,100 doubled. 128,364,728-sol … Continue reading Key’tones.!


Sound healing

Sound In the beginning was the word and the word was sound. Spiritual practice, something which is practiced the world over and held in high regard. But could it be something which is much simpler and more common than we think? Guru's and yogi's advocate yoga, a practice which involves movement and stretching. Buddhist monks advocate and practice sound healing, and when you put the two practices together what do you get only music and dancing. Practiced by far more people across the world than we know

Sound healing

The cure

The cure is everywhere, all around you. The reason you can't see is that you perceive it to be common or simple and treat it like it were just a piece of trivia or entertainment. When the reality is, it is your cure it is what gives us life. Do not let those who wish to profit from you, tell you it is a tangible thing. For it is something which knowone can grasp or see and yet is all around. Open your ears and be still and you may be fortunate enough to perceive it. May your for-tune be increased 10 fold.

Sound healing

The “Word” was sound.

In the beginning was the "word" And the word was sound. "A me sound man" In the beginning God begun to name everything and every letter in the word that God spoke had a resonant frequency which activated Gods divinity or merkaba. Everything that God did begun with sound. God began talking to itself, God began to pray, God began to chant, God begun to even sing.