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the word of God...

The word of God.!.

the word of God...

Why does the bible say “the word is God and with God”?

Why the “word” and where does the word come from?

The word comes from your throat, which Coincidentally is the fifth chakra.

This might help us understand why there are 5 books which comprise the beginning of the Bible.

1 – Genesis.
2 – Exodus.
3 – Leviticus.
4 – Numbers.
5 – Deutoronomy.

These first 5 books of the Bible are known in Christian or Jewish tradition as the pentateuch.

The word penta means 5 in greek and in an earlier post I alluded to the idea of how the Greek and Hebrew alphabets are the same only pointed in opposite directions.

Penteteuch = 5 books.
Muslims pray 5 times a day.
You say 5 decades of the rosary.
5th chakra, throat, communication, communion.

The ‘penta’ costal star has 5 points.
The ‘penta’ gram has 5 sides.

Coincidentally the prophets who proclaim these faiths have made books, which you would associate with communication, the throat or 5th chakra.

Communication = communion.

The word Bible has 5 letters.
The word Quran has 5 letters.

B.i.b.l.e., basic instructions before leaving earth.
Or base instructions before leaving for the throat…

Moses birth coincides with the rising of the Mayan 5th sun in 3113 bc, did the Mayans know that the 5th sun would rise to awaken the 5th chakra and bring about a whole knew world of communication.


Now the Mayans say we moved into the 6th sun in 2012, will the 6th sun awaken the 6th chakra making the universe fully conscious through the mind or Mayand…