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Not everyone does the work of God.

God says: “Not ever does the work of God conform to the conceptions of man, for His work is always new and never old. Not ever does He repeat work of old but rather forges ahead with work never before done. As God does not repeat His work and man invariably judges the work of God today based on His work of the past, it is exceedingly difficult for God to carry out each stage of work of the new age. Man presents far too many hindrances! The thinking of man is too hidebound! No man knows the work of God, yet they all define such work. Away from God, man loses life, truth, and the blessings of God, yet neither does man accept life nor truth, much less the greater blessings God bestows upon mankind. All men wish to gain God yet are unable to tolerate any changes in God’s work. Those who do not accept the new work of God believe that the work of God is changeless, and that the work of God forever remains at a standstill. In their belief, all that is needed to gain eternal salvation from God is to keep the law, and as long as they repent and confess their sins, the heart of God will be forever satisfied. They are of the opinion that God can only be the God under the law and the God who was nailed on the cross for man; it is their opinion too that God should not and cannot exceed the Bible. It is precisely these opinions that have shackled them firmly to the law of old and kept them fettered by rigid regulations.”

Faith based Sector.

Religious Jobs

The Internet is a marvellous technological revolution and thanks to other new telecommunications technologies, businesses are becoming more specialized.

Many new small businesses in different business sector’s are plentiful as people are down-sized and discover an untapped niche. This trend also holds true when it comes to faith-based careers and businesses. People looking to work for a faith-based company have more choices today than ever before.

While most people think of the traditional faith-based jobs such as pastoral work, youth minister, camp counselors, etc, others are finding that the reach of religion oriented jobs is much wider. Whether you are an accountant, lawyer, or work in many other professional or non-professional fields, you can find employment at a faith-based organization. This is true for many of the faiths people practice today.

So what is Temple Mogic’s definition of a faith-based or religious job?

A faith-based job is one in which the person that holds it (or is hired for it) should have a strong and active faith (among other job-related qualifications). While employers cannot discriminate among prospective or current employees on the basis of their chosen faiths, most faith-based employers typically produce a product or service related to that faith, and therefore employees working on that product or service should be knowledgeable of that faith. In the case of support personnel, such as accountants, administrative representatives, etc, this type of knowledge isn’t as critical, but these employers expect their employees to adhere to faith-based business principals.

People of all educational levels can find rewarding careers with faith-based organizations. You don’t have to have a degree in theology for every faith-based job. What you should have, is a deep faith that helps guide your day to day decisions, whether that faith is Christian, non-denominational, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist, or any other religion