Kemetic symbolism.!

Symbols of kemet.!   Alkhemia.!     There is similar symbolism around the world, meaning the same thing.!

🎵”Humarun” 🎵chant…

🎶🎵Chanting 🎵"Humarun"🎵 to an ancient egyptian bird brings clarity in the night or in the darkness.!. But notice the symbolism of this picture, the orange disc and its position, the two orange balls at the feet and their meaning. Chanting is best received when these symbols are noted and implemented into one's life accordingly. I … Continue reading 🎵”Humarun” 🎵chant…

Sodom and Gomorrah & Sodom(eye) et ja'amore.!.

Sodom.! and Gomorrah.! .

Sodom and Gomorrah & Sodom(eye) et ja'amore.!.

Genesis 19.
The destruction of sodom.

1 - When the two angels reached Sodom in the evening, Lot was sitting at the gate of the town.
As soon as he saw them, he rose to meet them, bowed with his face to the ground,

2 - and said, "My Lords, I pray you  come to your servant's house to stay the night. Wash your feet, and then in the morning you may  rise early and go on your way." They said, "No we will spend the night in the square."