To Be’e-r or not to Bee.?

The biomechanics of a "Bee". Observe the image of a "Bee" and notice the colours it is and what it is doing. The "Bee" is yellow and black and makes a humming sound all day. Could we apply these ideas to our own lives to help us become more productive, just like the "Bee".

3 am wake up call.! 👆

Waking up at 3 am and mirror images of ourselves. Why am I waking up at 3 am and should I have went to sleep or should I be still dancing?. Along my journey of fulfilment, focusing on my own life and entering into the awareness of the solar chakra and the myself. I'm starting … Continue reading 3 am wake up call.! 👆

The white disc.!?

The white disc or dick. Is the word "disc" mispronounced, to sound a bit more socially palletable for the masses. We can observe in the Greek language, how the letter "C" almost has an "S" shape. How the word "Celtic" can also be pronounced with an "S" as in Seltic. Could the same be true … Continue reading The white disc.!?

The golden bracelet of Anubis.

The beetle crawls on the ground and therefor in a natural sense represents creative powers. The orange disc above its head represents rising of these forces. The colour blue may represent air, lungs and breathing as a means to transmute these forces.

Re’son’ate at this free’qu-een’ci.

Resonate at the frequency of your desire's. Re'son'ate at the free'qu-een'ci of your do'ci're's.. Manifest your goal's... Man'i'fest fast, with the ke(y)'tone's of life. With a tree (3) diamond golden leaf and a bell eye butt tone.. For the path of life is made with your stones... Become the ki'ing or Qu'een of your own … Continue reading Re’son’ate at this free’qu-een’ci.


Here are more tones associated with chakras. Each tone corresponds to a particular energy centre and then its frequency is either doubled or halfed to produce the sound you hear. Many of these tones can be made on a tone generator downloaded within your phones play store. Ketone.   182,303,228-root_sacral-sol 45.5 doubled. 111,100 doubled. 128,364,728-sol … Continue reading Key’tones.!

Re-flex-ology and the little pig.

Don’t become a hot dog.

Re-flex-ology and the little pig.

“This little piggy went to market.
This little piggy stayed at home.
This little piggy had roast beef.
And This little piggy had none.
This little piggy went wee.! wee.! Wee.!, all the way home”.

This nursery rhyme popped into my head the other day, it is a rhyme which I fondly think of when I think of my grandmother.