God works in mysterious ways…

All faiths are mired in mysticism, mystics, mystery, mysterious ways etc. "my-steer-us"... The word "My" refers to myself and the solar plexus or 3rd chakra. "mi" is also the 3rd tone in the do, re, mi scale. The word "Steer" refers to steering a boat on the sacral waters of creation, above sacra, solar plexus, … Continue reading God works in mysterious ways…

Feeling bad on our spiritual journey.

Why do we get such bad feelings and vivid dreams while awakening spiritual?Imagine there is a river of life flowing through everything, and as your going through your Kundalini, or spiritual awakening the pace of this river increases its flow through you.This river of life is rising from the root up to the crown, creating … Continue reading Feeling bad on our spiritual journey.

Is the coronavirus sent from God?

Is this the final tribulation before we enter heaven or nirvana as it is written in far Eastern scriptures. Could the term "coronavirus" be a Hindu concept know as "croi-na-virus". "croi or Sri" meaning heart or core in irish or hindi. "croi-na-virus" meaning sickness of the heart. #Chronos #navirus, #coro #nirvana's, #croi #Coronavirus #sri #virus #nirvana #heaven #heart "Croi-nirv'anu's"

When does happiness happen.

When does happeness happen? When you are happy or in a state of happiness. 😊Ha-penis. When does your life happen, when do your dreams manifest or happen? To understand this scenario,we only need to break up the word "happiness". Happiness anagrams: Happiness, ha-penis, happen-ness, happening-ness. It is happening when you feel happiness. Manifest, mani-fast, mani-feast. … Continue reading When does happiness happen.