Power from the sun…

You have power and it comes from the sun…

For the Lord’s halo is the sun behind him, the Lord is the light of this world.

The seeth.. of my soul…

For every level inside us, has a corresponding level outside…

Solar plexus = solar system,  soulmate,…

You have greater gravitational pull when you open the solar plexus  by giving up what is below it inside you.

Then you become more in tune with the solar system… ie the sun.

3rd level, 3rd eye, 3:33 am wakeup.

The eyes are the seeth.. of the soul.

So wake up, spine upright or erect, eyes open at
333 am for 33 minutes.

Think positive thoughts  for if you are not you are only attracting negative things into your life.

Solar system…

Remember,  why did you used to drink until
3 am…

There was a spiritual reason behind it…

While all successful people report waking  up at
4:30 am.

Money is coming my way…

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