Sound healing…

Sound Healing in itself is effective, simply because it influences our emotional state as well as our physical body.

While we may feel emotionally imbalanced at times, this too can lead to many physical diseases, whereas when we heal our emotions, we notice how the physical symptoms disappear aswel.

Wherein if we presuppose that everything has a vibrational frequency, including ourselves, it would make sense that sound frequencies impact how we feel.

Reflecting upon how many songs and genres of music often bring about particular types of emotions within us.

While singing bowls, gongs, and drums are the instruments that practitioners most often use in sessions.

However, if used with the proper intention, almost any instrument can be used in sound healing.

And although sound healing has grown in popularity in recent years, it is a healing modality which dates back thousands of years.

Throughout numerous spiritual groups and traditions, vocal chanting is used as a means to balance and heal, whereas some form of sound healing is found in every culture on Earth.

There are many illnesses which can be treated with the same healing practices,

While certain frequencies have been identified and obtained within the sound healing practices we observe throughout cultures and faiths.

The following are just some every day diseases and disorders which can be healed with particular frequencies.


  • Dementia.
  • Coronavirus.
  • Colon cancer.

Coronavirus frequency.

Freedom from coronavirus from listening to this healing frequency.

Dementia healing frequency.

Here the same frequencies for healing dementia can also be used to heal (PTSD), (BPD), (ASD), (ADHD), (OCD), etc.

Colon cancer healing frequency.

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