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the word of God...

The word of God.!.

the word of God...

Why does the bible say “the word is God and with God”?

Why the “word” and where does the word come from?

The word comes from your throat, which Coincidentally is the fifth chakra.

This might help us understand why there are 5 books which comprise the beginning of the Bible.

1 – Genesis.
2 – Exodus.
3 – Leviticus.
4 – Numbers.
5 – Deutoronomy.

These first 5 books of the Bible are known in Christian or Jewish tradition as the pentateuch.

The word penta means 5 in greek and in an earlier post I alluded to the idea of how the Greek and Hebrew alphabets are the same only pointed in opposite directions.

Penteteuch = 5 books.
Muslims pray 5 times a day.
You say 5 decades of the rosary.
5th chakra, throat, communication, communion.

The ‘penta’ costal star has 5 points.
The ‘penta’ gram has 5 sides.

Coincidentally the prophets who proclaim these faiths have made books, which you would associate with communication, the throat or 5th chakra.

Communication = communion.

The word Bible has 5 letters.
The word Quran has 5 letters.

B.i.b.l.e., basic instructions before leaving earth.
Or base instructions before leaving for the throat…

Moses birth coincides with the rising of the Mayan 5th sun in 3113 bc, did the Mayans know that the 5th sun would rise to awaken the 5th chakra and bring about a whole knew world of communication.


Now the Mayans say we moved into the 6th sun in 2012, will the 6th sun awaken the 6th chakra making the universe fully conscious through the mind or Mayand…

Why did Jesus walk on water?


Why did Jesus walk on water?

While the only two animals which would give us the impressio that they could walk on water are birds or reptiles.
Is Jesus portraying the idea that he is a bird and a reptile or perhaps birds have evolved from reptiles.

21 May 2012, Klamath Falls, Oregon, USA --- USA, Oregon, Klamath Falls,Two Western Grebes (Aechmophorus occidentalis) begin courtship ëdance' in Upper Klamath Lake on spring evening --- Image by © Paul Souders/Corbis

Is Jesus Kukulkan, the feathered serpent? In the Mesoamerican pantheons, is he Satan?

Is Jesus portraying evolution and not only saying that the Bible contains stories but that it portrays our actual history.

Did our ancient ancestors get inspiration for the image of Satan or Kukulkan from watching the nature?.

While serpents were the most dominant species on this planet over 200 million years ago, birds first emerged 150 million years ago, could we postulate here that these figures or stories are this old.

The serpent would be viewed as the ultimate animal, as it can survive in any environment, it is also a formidable match for any predator, can survive for weeks without food (fasting) and when it gets its wings it symbolises the ultimate in freedom and can also see everything.

This may be why the feathered serpent was chosen for the image of superiority, wisdom and peace in the ancient world.

Latin is not only a religious language but also the language of science, while many plant and animal names we take for granted today were first written in Latin.

Wherein we may conclude here how it is most likely that the Bible is referring to historic, scientific and evolutionary knowledge as well as spiritual stories.

Here we may ponder upon the historical piece, while observing the names within the beginning of the Bible.

How the name Cain is an anagram of Incain, Ba’al who is the father of ancient Egypt is an anagram of Abal, while the Jews came from ancient Egypt, clearly making reference to a migration from ancient Egypt, while the Bible is making reference to these pyramid cultures.

Within the ancient Egyptian language the name sethek renders to or means Seth,

Set (Seth)

which is quite similar linguistically to the name Asethek or Aztek.

While the character Ba’al aka Osiris had a brother called Seth also.

Osiris may signify the rise of the sun in the east and Seth may signify the setting of the sun in the west, wherein we may postulate how the name Seth came from the west or the Americas and presided over his brothers death in ancient Egypt.


While American Indians call the great spirit or God, grandfather, according to the bible Seth is the grandson of God, and therefore God is Seth’s grand father as we may surmise that this is where American Indians obtained this name.


200 million years ago the land mass Pangea had formed and if these pyramid cultures were in existence back then they would have traded with one another through some central point.

Ireland and England could have quite possibly been very close to the centre of this trading point in Pangeaz wherein it is also worth noting that Ireland and Wales have quite unique plant life compared to any other countries in the world.

In the Burren in Ireland there exists plant life which should only grow in the northern hemisphere along with plant life which should only grow in the Southern Hemisphere, and yet some how the two uniquely differing plant life’s grow side by side.

While this unique flora and fauna situation is only found in the Burren, this leads me to conclude that Ireland was actually touching several different continents at the same time, once upon a time.

The ancient Egyptians also refer to the land of Punt as the source of all their trade and Punt was the currency in Ireland until the euro came, while it is worth noting how when an anagram of the name Abal or Ba’al is created the word Alba emerges, which is another name for Ireland.


Interestingly the names in the Irish mythological pantheon of Cuchuilain are linguistically similar to the names mentioned for Satan, Lucifer and Kukulkan, who are all associated with the feathered serpent.

Cuchuilain’s childhood name is Setanta, his fathers name is Lugh the God of light, these similarities are too close to ignore.

KukulkanLucifer and Jesus are all referred to as the morning star.

Karl Earlson also is of the opinion that Islam was created by Nordic Arabs and that quite a few of the early Islamic Sultans had pale skin and red hair.

My suspicion is that Islam was created by Nordic people and that an Irish figure has played a central role in the creation of these faiths.

While Esoteric Nazis are of the opinion that their ancient ancestors invaded upper India many thousands of years ago and created Hinduism, these esoteric Nazis claim that they are Aryan in race and it is also worth noting how the word Aryan sounds similar to Eiren, which is another name for Ireland.

Did Seth come from the Mesoamerican world, travel to Ireland and teach the people in the northern hemispheres?

Seth in ancient Egypt is referred to as the shining one or dazzle, wherein Seth in the Bible has a son called Enosh and when you rearrange this name you get shone and one, perhaps alluding to the fact that his father was The shining one.

The Bible comments upon the idea that all humanity comes from Seth’s bloodline and that he is the only one of Adam and Eve’s sons who’s people survived after the flood.

It is also worth noting that in Hebrew admoni, edom or Adam means red or ruddy, perhaps alluding to the point that Adams bloodline has red hair.

Seth in ancient Egypt is also compared to typhon in the Greek pantheon and typhon has distinctive red hair.

Kukulkan in the mesoamerican pantheons is accredited with bringing language, freemasonry and agriculture to the mesoamerican cultures he is also accredited with going to the underworld and making mankind.

Is Kukulkan Seth in the Bible and did he travel through or come from Ireland?.

Did he teach the whole world and teach the hyperboreans, whom say they created Hinduism, is he the first white man?.

The Irish contribute the most amount of money to victims affected by disaster per capita, in my opinion the Irish are the most compassionate race when it comes to helping others and were very influential in missionaries across Africa and Asia.

Is Kukulkan or Seth (Cuchuilain, Setanta) the first compassionate white man or the first Christ?

Perhaps the legendary lost city of Atlantis was at the centre of these pyramid cultures and Ireland was its garden or agricultural centre, as the oldest field system in the world exists in the Ceide fields in Co. Mayo.

While these Atlanteans would have enjoyed travelling to every continent with ease and when they lost their city due to the continents breaking apart, they would have felt at home travelling, destined to wonder the world as nomads, teaching the ancient mysteries of Atlantis.

It is funny to say that when you rearrange the word nomad you almost get demon, now perhaps we know who has been truly demonised in this world.

Perhaps after the teachings of Seth many families became wealthy and no longer wanted the public to be educated by the travellers and felt that it was easier to control their civilians actions if it’s people were ignorant and uneducated, so they branded the travellers as demons or people who were not to be trusted.

Wherein it is noted how a major travelling family from Ireland is called Ward, while i also noted how the ancient Egyptians looked forward to the end times, perhaps they were excited or looked beyond that time, or maybe they would look for Ward the travelling family.

The opinion obtained here of how the builders of our civilisation in the past created clever word phrasings and anagrams to help them in the future and this is one of the reasons the word set has so many definitions.

A belief formed that it might be an attempt by Seth to immortalise his name, only to reveal himself later on at some time in history, as the ancient builders first started preaching compassion in Ireland and England after the fall of Atlantis, as a belief that the English language was first created in the Aztec world, as the AZ piece is actually A To Z and rec is an abbreviation of the word technology.

Within ancient Egypt the Set i temple has images which are akin to flying aircraft and perhaps he had a vision of what the future could be like.


Many words in the world are a mixture of English and Irish, as many bards and Druids would have worked alongside one another.

It is worth noting that the word Dia in irish is God and that India is actually in God and that it stems from an Irish English relationship long ago.

The word media may also mean “Mé Dia, which would translate as me God, my God or I am good in Irish or Gaelic. Purporting to an idea here of how fantasy films, sci-fi and cartoons are actually visions akin to what prophets and avatars say they seen in their holy books.

Much of the western media portrays a small character like a leprechaun or hobbit, who is green or has red hair as the saviour or most superior being.

Some examples include Yoda in starwars, Frodo in Lord of the rings, Blanka in street fighter, the Grinch, the Mask and in the fifth element the superior character is a red haired woman.

Many visual artists within the world are actually influenced by the passing planets and portray what is going on in the world through their art.

While within the year 2012 it was seen as an end of a Universal cycle which had influenced mankinds evolution which had brought many new ideas and technologies into the world.

Now the world awaits the second coming of their Christ, as it is hoped here that it leaves no doubt in your mind as to where he is from, as a belief has formed how in ancient times beings then were very technologically advanced, but ultimately as they ran out of space and resources they went to war with one another.

It is thought that it became apparent that the only way for kukulkans race to survive was to become compassionate towards one another and release his attachment towards material possession.

Cuchuilain created sports like hurling and ultimately mankind have survived not because we’re the most intelligent or strongest, but because we are the most compassionate creature in this Universe.

Now at the time of writing this, Ireland is the fastest growing economy in Europe and perhaps the main reason for this is that we trade in non material services which will never run out, like music, tourism, sport and technological services.

All others who thought they were superior are now running out of space, resources and friends.


Ireland – in real land
Irish – his iris

Dream interpretation

Dream interpretation books were limited for me, but I did get some meaning out of them.

Wat really helped me understand my dreams was realising that wat people think is spiritual understanding is actually natural and that all our dreams have that natural origin, I think it’s best to start there.

Every level on our planet, from the red ground up to the indigo sky, represents an energy centre.

So if your dreaming of things that are bright blue or flying low, your dreaming of activity in your throat as you breath air through your throat.

Green and nature to do with the heart etc.

There are obviously symbols that pop up which are not natural, but I find that I’ll have multiple dreams in one night and at least one of them will be in a natural setting and therefor that dream tells wat the other dreams are alluding to.

Inner child sublimated

Life quotes from the kalki Maitreya

It’s general purpose is to create life, it is therefore a creative, life force.

You will not have a life until you retain your life force and direct it towards creating your life.

The life force must rise like a fire, to purify and reveal what is true and real.

Emotional, mental, psychological blackages etc must be worked on, to allow this force to rise.

Until you realise how your thought patterns are controlling how you feel.

Only then can you resurrect or rise erect.

sacred fire in christ's heart

sacred fire in Christ’s heart

Your life force is the most vulnerable force in the universe, it is like a child.

It needs your protection and comfort, this is why you seek to please it so much.

Imagine protecting your life force and all those vulnerable places upon you.

Imagine protecting and comforting

All that is sensitive upon you.

Nourish those sensitive points with thoughts of protection and comfort.

Imagine giving the warm and protective energy of the hands to those places that need it most.

Mentally transferring the protective energy of the hands to places upon you which are sensitive and vulnerable.

Mentally filling your life force with the energy of the hands, so as the life force may transcend above and beyond you.

When you waste your life force through sexual gratification, you are selfish and only thinking of your individual needs. As your life force rises into higher levels of yourself while being celibate, you will become aware of how you are selfish in those areas, desirably, emotionally, communicatively , psychologically, mentally etc.

Learn to be Christ like while on this journey of celibacy, share with others, give again, think well of others. Be selfless, desire-less etc.

In the end you’ll realise you needed nothing, that there’s a world of abundance.

The process of celibacy can drive you mad on many levels, with many vivid dreams, thoughts, emotions etc.

Focusing on the breath or air is a way of distracting the mind away from things we find problems with.

Distracting the mind with new situations and things only brings new problems which leads to more stress and anxiety.

Find something to think about which doesn’t focus your mind on potential problems, focus on your breath or the air.

The breath.

Meditate on your breath to distract the mind, your breath is a form of nothing, it brings the mind to focus on nothing and to stop thinking.

When angry, upset, thinking of unwanted thoughts (ie, sexual thoughts ) focus on the breath or your breathing.

This will take your mind away from those thoughts and towards thinking of nothing.

Postrate the prostate and activate your pro state.

At times you can feel pent up while being celibate, feeling that there is energy blocked somewhere inside you, or you can feel like there is a fire burning inside you.

Stretching and exercise can help to relieve this.

Your head may feel like it is on fire, this usually means that you are attached to something or some idea which is selfish or outdated, let it go and know that there is a better way.

Headaches indicate an attachment to money.

This energy will rise inside you and if you try to attain or attract it in any way to use it for your own needs, it will come closer to your body only to burn you and cause discomfort.

Do not try to attain, let it be and let it flow as it wishes.

Every ailment or sickness is more to do with energy, mental, emotional etc, than it is to do with chemicals, routines, exercise etc.


Balance your life with the harmonic of that which is around you, with all the nature, all your cells and the universe.

Natural universal Frequency.

(432 hertz), why?

Universal cycle according to Hindu teachings – 25,920 years.

25,920 divided by 432 equals 60.

432 Herts multiplied by 60 equal 25,920.

It’s strange How many spiritual practitioners, mathematicians etc talk about 432 hertz soulfegio frequency and how 432 hz is in tune with all of nature, many comment on the mathematics of this frequency and how if you square 432 you get 186,624 which is pretty close to the speed of light.

Speed of light 186,282,

Difference between the 2 is 342.

How time is interconnected with 432 hz.

12 times 60 times 60 equals 43200.

432 divided by 12 equals an exact number of 36, which is perfect in soulfegio calculations.

But if you multiply 60 by 432, you get 25,920 which is the exact universal time period sadhguru is talking about in the video below.

What a coincidence.

Hindu 2043 prophecy, here again you can see the numbers 432.

Sadhguru explains kalki Avatar and Yugas.

432 hz – unlocking significance of 3,6,9.


Celebrating Irish success abroad.

The list of well to do people in the US with Irish names is amazing, how they weren’t this influential in their own country is baffling.

I can only conclude that something must have held them back.

Who can really help us, only our own kind who are so influential throughout the world.

If we begin to understand who the movers and shakers of this world are, we may be able to get the right help we need.

They say history repeats itself, so here’s the history in the US, you can surmise that the same influence has happened throughout the world for thousands of years and that the term Aryan is originally derived from the name Eiren meaning Ireland.

Here’s a list of well to do people with Irish surnames in the US.

Peter mc Shain.

“The man who built Washington”.

Great Irish American engineers.

Kelly Johnson.

US Aeronautical engineer.

John Phillip Holland.

Developed the first submarine.

L. James Sullivan.

US Firearms developer – involved in the development of the M16, a weapon used by US soldiers.

Why the much more reliable AK47 wasn’t used on the battle field is puzzling.

Bill O’Reilly – top US news anchor 2001 – 2017.

Linda mc Mahon – WWE CEO and co. Founder.

Advises Donald Trump.

John Malone.

Irish American billionaire behind film company lions Gate.

Irish in the White House.

John F. Kennedy.

Ronald Reagan.

Brett kavanaugh.

Kelly Anne Conway.

John F. Kelly.

Steve Bannon.

John Kerry.

John Mc Cain.

Here we may observe who advises Donald Trump in his showdown, a Frontline production.

The following is a list of people associated.


John Brennan – C.I.A. Director.

Michael S. Rogers.

John Cassidy – New Yorker post.

J.D. Gordon.

Jim Gilmer.

Michael kirk.

Roy Cohn.

Mc Carthy hearings?–McCarthy_hearings

Gwenda Blair.

Jane Mayer.

Frank Rich – New York post.

Tony Schwartz.

Adam Leitman Bailey.

Ben Shapiro.

Corey lewandowski – Advisor.

David Urban – Trump campaign.

James Comey.

Carrie Johnson – NPR.

Peter baker – Author Kremlin rising.

Bob Anderson – FBI.

Robert Ray – Counsel.

Matthew Miller – U.S. Government.

Michael Flynn – U.S. Government.

Sally Yates – U.S. justice department.

Don mc Gahn.

Mary Mc Cord.

Why is Mary McCord, the leader of the DOJ’s Trump-Russia investigation, resigning?

Jeh Johnson.

Jeff sessions – U.S. Government.

Jeffrey H Smith – U.S. Government.

Cameron Smith – U.S. Government.

Philip Rucker.

Alan Dershowitz – Professor.

Jerad kushner.

Rod Rosenstein.

Keith Schiller – Donald Trumps bodyguard.

Robert Mueller.

Sean Hannity.

Paul Manafort.

Robert Bennett.

Andrew Mc Cabe.

Mitch Mc Connell.

John Dowd.


E Barrett prettyman.

Michael Cohen.

Sam Nunberg.

Jonathan Mahler.

Sarah sanders.

Mr Louie Gohmert.

Jerrold Nadler.

Ms Bonnie Watson Coleman.

Greg Miller – Apprentice.

Jeff flake.

Bob Corker.

Other names associated with Trumps showdown.

Yawmiche Yalsindor, Goodlatte, Peter Strzok,

Mr Issa, Chris Whipple, Benjamin Wittes, Emily Bazelon, Stormy Daniels, Rick Gates, Lisa Dejardin, Chuck Brazil.

Sebastian Gorka – Trump advisor.

Robert Costa – U.S. Newspaper.

Frank Montoya jnr – FBI.

Emily Bazelon, Sergei kisliack, Karen Deyeong, Michael Isikoff.

Carter page – Advisor.

Nelsen Cunningham – U.S. Government.

Matt Apuzzo – Newspaper.

Jack Goldsmith – U.S. Government.

Carol Leonnig – Washington post.

Natasha Bertrand, Taigh Kobb.

Mary Anne Mc Cleod – Donald Trump.

Donald Trump’s mother’s surname is Mc Cleod, which is of Irish or Scottish descent.

Top US multinational investment banks.

Morgan Stanley.

Morgan is a surname of Irish or Scottish origin.

Merrill lynch.

Lynch is a surname of Irish or Scottish origin.

Dow Jones.

Derived from two names –

Dow: origin Irish or Scottish from mcDaw.

Anglicised to Dow in Dutch.

Jones: Irish – Scottish.


Founded .by McGraw and hill.

Irish – Scottish surnames.

Rothschild meaning “red hill” or McGraw and Hill.

Thrish mc Evoy.

Well to do makeup artist in the US.

Mc Donald’s.

Mc Donald’s fast food chain, known the world over.

Mc Donald is a surname of Irish and Scottish descent.

Ronald mc Donald has red hair, a hair colour which the Irish and Scottish are known to have.

MC Donald’s is a fast food chain known the world over.

List of Americans with Irish descent

The list of US presidents that have Irish roots

Well to do Irish in Chicago.

More noteworthy figures in the U.S. With Irish surnames.

MSNBC – host:

Phil Griffin.

Chris Matthews.

Morris O’Donnel.

Bill Radigan.

Walt Disney: – irish – Canadian parents.

Conan O’Brien.

Seamus Moore.

Anne Sweeney.

Conor MC Gregor.

Saoirse Ronan.

Grace Kelly – U.S. actress.

Aka – princess of Monaco, parents formally of Mayo, Ireland.

John B Kelly Sr. – father of Grace Kelly.

Multimillionaire in bricklaying and the construction industry.

The quiet man, set in Ireland – starring John Wayne

The quiet man, Directed by John Ford.

Celebrities in British media.

It’s great to see that Irish influence is not only to be found in the US, but also in the UK.

Here are some noteworthy names in British media.

Graham Norton.

Bradley Walsh.

Ryland Clark.

BGT: Steven Mulhern.

Wow how the Irish don’t rule the world is beyond me.

Such influence, being a proud Irishman myself it only fills me with pride to see my fellow man doing so well.

Brendan Bracken – Winston Churchill.

Churchill’s right hand man was Irish, Brendan Bracken.

US film character names.

Home alone – main character:

Kevin Mc Calister, played by Mc Cauley Culkin.

Mc Calister surname is of Irish origin.

Culkin surname is of Irish origin.

Diehard – main character:

John Mc Clane, played by Bruce Willis.

Mc Clane surname is of Irish or Scottish origin.

U.S. companies.

Macintosh – Mac computers.

clann of Macintosh is of Irish origins.

Ford motor industry – Ford vehicles.

Influential Irish names from Australia.

Rupert Murdoch – born Australia

Of English, Irish & Scottish descent.

Owns major media outlets throughout the world.

May the Irish dream live on.

The world’s landmarks are bathed in green for St Patrick’s Day

Who can really help us, only our own kind who are so influential throughout the world.

Maybe now we can begin to understand why the British want control of Northern Ireland, with so many names throughout the world with Irish or Scottish origin that are influential, it’s not difficult to understand that the British seen this as a threat and wanted to stem the flow of Irish immigration towards the UK and not towards Northern Ireland and then eventually towards Scotland, Germany and beyond.

Today in Ireland we can see a political policy which does no favours for nurses, teachers etc in Ireland.

Instead trained Irish professionals are enticed toward countries controlled by the British crown.

Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc.

If Irish and Scottish professionals stayed at home, we throughly would be a nation to be reckoned with.

I guess the allure of sunshine and an endless supply of resources and space is too enticing.

Grafton Architects

Sound healing

The cure

The cure is everywhere, all around you.

The reason you can’t see is that you perceive it to be common or simple and treat it like it were just a piece of trivia or entertainment.

When the reality is, it is your cure it is what gives us life.

Do not let those who wish to profit from you, tell you it is a tangible thing.

For it is something which knowone can grasp or see and yet is all around.

Open your ears and be still and you may be fortunate enough to perceive it.

May your for-tune be increased 10 fold.

Is music or sound that which unites everything?.

Music or sound is something so common and simple that many of us pass it by without even thinking about it.

But take a deeper look and you will see that it is something which everything has in common.

Everything is either explained in terms of sound or music notation.

Take for example some scientific terms, such as the big-bang theory or string theory, explaining how the universe was created or exists using theories, terms and words which govern music or sound.

Even electricity is explained as having waves and dots or particles.

But did early faith based groups and cultures already understand this theory and sought to embed the sound based nature of our universe in their symbolism.

Take for example the symbol of Ying & Yang, within this symbol is a wave beside a dot or a particle, explaining the nature of electricity in one simple symbol.

Many parts of the bible convey the importance of the “word”, portraying the idea that sound is important.

Stating that in the beginning was the “word”.

Many faiths across Asia state the importance of chanting, again using the application of sound in their quest to contact God or the universe, deliberately dramatising that which can be perceived as simple and common.

So if we can see how many ancient and modern cultures and faiths portray the importance of sound, could we take this idea a step further and say that languages are actually something akin to music notation.

Take a look at modern day music theory and notation and notice the wave like structures the symbols take, while accompanied by dots.

Now look at many Arabic or Islamic languages and see how similar in structure they are to music notation.

Could we then understand every language in the world by applying the same theories we apply to music.

Noting the heights of the letters or notes and their positions in respect to the dots etc.

Even fictional languages like that from the film LOTR (Lord of the rings) uses languages which have writing styles which are akin to music notation.

Even the English language has terms embedded in certain words to help us understand the importance of sound.

Take for example the word fortune and notice the word tune inside it.

Could we then say that our fortune depends on the tune which we are resonating at and the word tune is embedded in this word to give us a clue as to how to better our lives.

Taking all this sound and wave theory into account, could we then come to the conclusion that the name “Sananda”, which the coming Christ, Buddha or Avatar is often referred to as, is actually Sound and has simply been mispronounced while in circulation over many thousands of years.

Sananda or sound depicts Christ’s mission on this planet and his ministry shall be sound.

So chant or sing and your for-tune shall be increased.

It’s all about the number 5

It’s all about the Pentha and the number 5.

Penthatlon – Olympic sport that comprises 5 different events.

Pentanol – alcohol with 5 carbon atoms.

Pentane – a molecule with 5 carbon atoms.

Pente / penta – Greek meaning 5 or 5th.πέντε

Penta cost / pentagon / pentagram meaning five or fifth.

Penta cost star / Jewish star: 5 pointed star.

Point = Pentha.

Five wounds of Jesus.

Crucifixion – cruci fiction

The 5th sun, the 5th chakra.

It’s all about the number 5 or the 5th chakra.

The fifth chakra is the throat, it’s all about communication, communing communion.

Mayans comment on the rising of the fifth sun in 3113 B.C., somewhere around this time Krishna and Moses were born.

Krishna and Moses were born over 5000 years ago.

The Mayans are saying that life will awaken or grow in the 5th chakra as the 5th sun rises.

Krishna and many of the associated gods in the Hindu pantheon are portrayed in a bright blue colour, which is the colour associated with the fifth chakra or throat.

Here we have the word “panthe” in the word pantheon, denoting five and the throat or communication in other cultures and languages.

Ghandi was expected to be a great political figure or communicator, which would signify that he was awakened in the throat or fifth chakra.

Jews discredit the idea that Jesus was messiah and argue that the messiah should have been a great political figure, again we associate politics with communication and the throat or fifth chakra.

Some also argue that Jesus was a master socialite, again we associate socialism with communication and therefor with the throat or fifth chakra and the number 5.

African cultures insert disks into body parts associated with the throat or fifth chakra, denoting a growth or awakening in this energy centre.

Disk Insertion points include ears, neck, lips etc, all body parts associated with the throat of fifth chakra.

A word associated with “panthe” Includes panthemine, denoting an act of drama or communication.

The throat or fifth chakra is associated with the air as we breath air through our throats, there is no bigger association with the air than that which the throat or fifth chakra has.

Krishna can be seen playing a pipe which draws air through it, denoting his awakening in the fifth chakra.

The Buddha often advocates focusing on the breath while meditating, this may also signify the Buddhist awakening in the air with the throat or fifth chakra.

The word “panting” is also associated with breathing techniques while meditating on the breath, air, throat or pante / penthe (5th chakra / throat) etc.

Ancient Egypt.

Scholars argue that ancient Egypt is only five thousand years old.

But what if ancient Egypt only gained the ability to communicate it’s existence 5000 years ago, as the fifth sun rose to awaken the fifth chakra and ancient Egypt and the associated pyramids are actually far older than this.

Amun-RE is also depicted in a bright blue colour, which denotes communication and the awakening of the throat or fifth energy centre, as the colour of the air and the fifth chakra is bright blue.

The Bible.

The bible says “in the beginning was the word”, or “in the beginning God begins to name everything”, this beginning of words conjures ideas of awakening communicatively, within the throat or fifth chakra.

The bible is a text you would associate with communication .

Dragons are often associated with story telling, and it is quite fitting that the dragon breaths fire through its throat and also flys in the air, which we have outlined above is associated with the throat or fifth chakra.

Birds fly in “V” formation in the air, V just happens to mean 5 in Roman numerals.

Plenary aspects of gods personality are called “avatars” in the Hindu pantheons.

Avatars of Vishnu, shiva, Brahma etc are depicted in a bright blue colour and are said to take the flight, denoting that to fly you must awaken in the air or throat.

The word avatar is coincidently similar to the word aviator in the English language, meaning to fly.

Birds are known to be avian, planes fuel up on aviation fuel.

Theses similar word meanings signify a striking cultural and linguistic exchange between the English and Hindu or Sanskrit languages.

It’s all to do with the air, throat or fifth chakra and the number 5.

The land of Punthe / Penthe.

But what is the origin of this word “penthe” meaning 5 or 5th.

There is a place with which the ancient Egyptians say they originally came from, a trading place of great wealth known as “the land of Punthe” or “Pewnyth”.

Could the land of Punthe actually be the land of Penthe or plenty?.

Penthe: The land of 5 or 5th’s.

The land of the throat.

The land of birds.

The land of avatars / aviators or flyers.

The pharaoh islands.

The land of air or Eire.

Where the Lord of flies is from.

Where the Pantheon or Puntheon originates.

Where the pound, pence or Púint is spent.

Where the pen is from penthe, the land of scribes.

The pun is from Punthe, the land of storytelling.

Where the punt sails to the Penthouse.

When you are feeling Pent up.

Where Mike Pence is from.

Where the Marvel “Pewney God” is from. Hulk Marvel quote.

Now wait for a moment, while time is pending or penthing

Maybe you could paint or panthe.

Why not watch kungfu Panda / Panthe or take some Pantenoic acid.

Air reign:

We command the airwaves when we communicate through the fifth or throat chakra.

You cannot communicate or hear unless there is air.

When we awaken in the throat or communicate, we reign over the air, we are “air reign” or “Aryan”, we are from “Eirean”, we are the 5th root race, awakened in the 5th chakra, our spiritual evolution is driven by the energy of the 5th sun.

We are awakened in the 5th / throat chakra, we are storytellers, socialites, politicians etc.

We are flyers, we are Air Ryan.

“We are across the pond” or punthe.

The fifth harmony or penthe harmony.

We might have a “Pint” in the land of Punthe or Penthe.

We might put our animals into
“the-pen” in Penthe.

We may wash our hair with Pantene shampoo in panthe.

Maybe we will meet a Panther or a panthe heir in Penthe Eir, Punthe or Penthe.

Maybe the ancient Egyptian God RE, is the Suns Ray in the air?.

Is RE the Ray heir, heir Ray, Hare or Eire? In the air or throat.

In the land of Punthe, Penthe, Púint or 5th’s.

Now we live in a world dominated by mass media, politics, socialism etc. All signs of the 5th Suns influence on the 5th chakra.

We live in the 5th world, in a world of Penthe or plenty.

Expressing our visions in the media, expressing the idea that I am Mé Dia or I am God.

English – Irish / Translation
Media – Mé Dia / I am God – My God