The cure

The cure is everywhere, all around you.

The reason you can’t see is that you perceive it to be common or simple and treat it like it were just a piece of trivia or entertainment.

When the reality is, it is your cure it is what gives us life.

Do not let those who wish to profit from you, tell you it is a tangible thing.

For it is something which knowone can grasp or see and yet is all around.

Open your ears and be still and you may be fortunate enough to perceive it.

May your for-tune be increased 10 fold.

Is music or sound that which unites everything?.

Music or sound is something so common and simple that many of us pass it by without even thinking about it.

But take a deeper look and you will see that it is something which everything has in common.

Everything is either explained in terms of sound or music notation.

Take for example some scientific terms, such as the big-bang theory or string theory, explaining how the universe was created or exists using theories, terms and words which govern music or sound.

Even electricity is explained as having waves and dots or particles.

But did early faith based groups and cultures already understand this theory and sought to embed the sound based nature of our universe in their symbolism.

Take for example the symbol of Ying & Yang, within this symbol is a wave beside a dot or a particle, explaining the nature of electricity in one simple symbol.

Many parts of the bible convey the importance of the “word”, portraying the idea that sound is important.

Stating that in the beginning was the “word”.

Many faiths across Asia state the importance of chanting, again using the application of sound in their quest to contact God or the universe, deliberately dramatising that which can be perceived as simple and common.

So if we can see how many ancient and modern cultures and faiths portray the importance of sound, could we take this idea a step further and say that languages are actually something akin to music notation.

Take a look at modern day music theory and notation and notice the wave like structures the symbols take, while accompanied by dots.

Now look at many Arabic or Islamic languages and see how similar in structure they are to music notation.

Could we then understand every language in the world by applying the same theories we apply to music.

Noting the heights of the letters or notes and their positions in respect to the dots etc.

Even fictional languages like that from the film LOTR (Lord of the rings) uses languages which have writing styles which are akin to music notation.

Even the English language has terms embedded in certain words to help us understand the importance of sound.

Take for example the word fortune and notice the word tune inside it.

Could we then say that our fortune depends on the tune which we are resonating at and the word tune is embedded in this word to give us a clue as to how to better our lives.

Taking all this sound and wave theory into account, could we then come to the conclusion that the name “Sananda”, which the coming Christ, Buddha or Avatar is often referred to as, is actually Sound and has simply been mispronounced while in circulation over many thousands of years.

Sananda or sound depicts Christ’s mission on this planet and his ministry shall be sound.

So chant or sing and your for-tune shall be increased.

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