Teki or Tiki head?

The “k or c” in the word tek or tech may have originally been an “s”.

So the word tech may mean “to see” or the “t” may be a cross, meaning across see or sea.

It may signify an awakening where you can see, which would be in the mind or the sixth chakra, hence the rising of the sixth sun in 2012.

Another interesting look at a word which is similar to the word “techy” denoting someone who understands technology, is the word “tiki” and I find it also interesting that tiki heads across Australasia are either wood or stone carvings depicting humanoid beings with elongated heads or skulls.

Does the elongation of these heads signify the growth humanity with have in the head and again the word “tiki” has the same origin as the word “tek or tech” again meaning to see.

Did these ancient cultures already know that humanity would awaken in the mind at some point and they depicted this through their artwork, calling them “tiki heads” or “techi’s”.

Ancient African societies often depict themselves with disks inserted into parts of their bodies.

Disks are often inserted into body parts associated with the throat, in the ears, mouth etc.

Does the insertion of these disks into certain body parts denote the growth associated in that person or culture?.

The insertion of these disks into body parts associated with the throat would signify that this associated culture is going through an awakening in the throat and is therefore becoming more vocal in their approach to life, becoming more social, political etc.

Does it also signify that all of humanity is going through the same awakening simultaneously, and that the reason early occult, spiritual or pyramidal societies say we have entered the fifth dimension, fifth sun etc is that it is signifying the growth which we all under went in the fifth chakra or throat chakra and that all of humanity has become more awakened in ways associated with the throat.

So to understand as to where technology might be going in the future, with the rise of the sixth sun in 2012 influencing the sixth chakra (mind), we need to look back to earlier societies and their associated myths surrounding the rise and fall of the techi’s or tiki heads.


Evidence to support the idea that “c or k” changed to “s” or vice verse can be observed in the word “Celtic or keltoi”.

Where members of this associated culture from Ireland or Scotland debate the true pronunciation of the letter “C” in the word Celtic.

Some pronounce the “c” as if it would sound like an “s”, as in Seltic.

While others pronounce the “c” as if it would sound like a “k” as in Keltic.

The visual change of the letter “c to s” may also be observed in the Ancient Greek language, where the “c” takes on an elongated form, extending down from the bottom of the “c”, almost making the letter “s”.

The true basic origins of language may not be linguistic at all, and their basic roots may instead be geometrical.

Language may have evolved from simple geometric shapes depicting opposites interacting with each other in the nature.

Such shapes include the Celtic cross, where two opposites can be seen interacting (the circle and the straight line).

Celtic languages such as Irish, Scottish, English etc may have evolved from this basic shape, of the Celtic cross.

Letters such as T, E, S etc may have been the first letters to emerge as they are the most obvious shapes which can be drawn from such an image.

T,E,S then may be changed to T.E.C, which may have a spiritual meaning signifying a way of seeing the truth logically or rationally.

The word or name “Seth” may also be derived, and it may be interesting to note that the word “set” has the most amount of definitions in the English language.

The word Set has multiple meanings, words and phrases such as put, set in stone, set down, sunset all use the word set to mean numerous things.

Set theory is also a branch of mathematics.

So the origins of what we think is scientific, logical, rational or technological and which we think we are in control of and can choose, may in fact be spiritual and not in our control at all.

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