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Learning in lockdown…

What have I learned in this lockdown?

While having all taken from you, freedom, liberties etc, you really begin to understand what works, for there is no second guessing, because there are no other options…

While in prayer and meditation upon the Jesus Christ and observing the halo
😇 upon so many Christian figures heads, a conclusion did form, and yet perhaps a late conclusion.

For the halo represents the sun or solar system and what so many faith based traditions call the solar plexus.

Wherein this level within us is the 3rd level and therefore has an association with our 3rd eye…
Every level within us has corresponding levels outside, we are literally mirror images of our Universe or God…

The halo is often portrayed in a yellow colour as is the colour of the solar plexus.

While the word soul or soulmate has the same linguistic pronunciation as the word solar within the words solar system or solar plexus, our journey towards finding our soul’s purpose and perhaps uniting with our soulmate, has links to this level.

We are literally taking in energy and life from everywhere, and when the solar plexus begins to activate by giving up what is below, a need to take in the energy or life stream from the sun, the night sky and our solar system begins.

Each hour we are connected to the solar system activates and develops a different part of our soul.

While giving up root possessions in the root, as the roots of a tree are in the material earth, giving generously to friends, family, our community etc.

Give up sacral desires in the sacral and whatever other desires arise, for these are selfish and are only wanted because of an emptiness within, which can only be filled with the love of Christ..

Empty empyth, the empath path toward

Within the sacral is the life force which creates life, to maintain that this force rises we must help life outside of us rise.

Only then does our solar plexus begin to open, where we begin to gain the attractive force in our lives akin to that of the sun’s gravitational pull upon all material bodies.

For if our awareness remains within a lower level within us, we are attached to our own gratification and therefore only have the attraction of the planet.

They say the eyes are the window to the soul and therefore waking up at key moments throughout the solar cycle with our eyes open, while meditating upon an image with which we have compassion for, will aid us in attaining what our soul desires.

3:33 AM to awaken the light within the soul and solar plexus.

4:00 AM for the heart, 5:00 AM to activate the throat etc.

Sit up, spine erect, eyes open for 30 minutes.

While it is interesting to note how the flame also represents the solar plexus in some spiritual traditions, we may conclude that this is where the concept of twin flames, or hell arises.

Where again we can see the word soul in soulmate, linguistically similar to solar, within the word solar plexus.

The solar plexus is within the region of the abdomen within our bodies and interestingly this is where our ribs are.

The prophet Adam within the beginning of the Bible, is said to have taken Eve from his own rib, which is the same region as the solar plexus and referring to Eve as Adams twin flame or soulmate.

“The rib” anagrams: The-rib of birth, Brithe (bride), breath, thribe, three be.

While the name Adam renders to Adawn in some Jewish texts, we may postulate here that the names Adam and Eve refer to the dawn and eve, uniting the two polar opposites here, the day and night.

While anagrams of the word “heaven” reveal, he, have eve even.

Alluding to the idea that the bride of Christ, soulmates or twin flames will not unite until one or both arise early and open the solar plexus.

Here is where the battle for control over our minds begins, as our selfish nature pertaining to what is known as the devil or the animal nature within aka the dragon, begins to convince us that there is no God and no point in pursuing good or godly purposes.

Therefore trapping us upon this planet, with limited options and resources.

Nevertheless the Universe or God is controlling this whole awakening, as the energy or life streams from above plays an unfolding effect upon our spiritual development, where encounters with Satan seek to help us to grow in our awareness towards a spiritual life.

While severe depressing thoughts, where one feels like they are nothing or the lowest of life forms, later reveals that we are the highest, simply because we were able to endure such thoughts for so long.

And yet there is a sense that the opening of solar plexus should happen in divine timing, for there is a purpose for remaining within the darkness of one’s being.

Only then do we really get a true sense of life and who is to be trusted.

While an interesting observation of a Hindu festival, which falls on the 11th of March every year, where participants maintain wakefulness throughout the night while worshipping the 3rd divine presence of God within Hindu faith, Shiva.

It is said that If one stays awake throughout this night, that there spiritual growth shall be greatly enhanced.

...mi lion air re..

The Millionaire routine…

Waking up at 3:30 AM & the millionaire routine, while this is the millionaire routine, this is my routine every morning, Wherein I wake up automatically between 3:00 AM and 5:00 AM.

While a prayer is said at 3:00 AM, an upwardly gaze is maintained, whereby the eyes are closed and looking up as if looking out through a 3rd eye within my mind…

Keeping the creative force high within the throat by praying, as to not letting it descend, allowing it to create on a higher level.

While upon waking at 5:00 AM and looking for Christ for 30 mins, plan some exercise, perhaps a walk with Christ for 3 mins…

Try it you will feel amazing, it will set you up for the whole day…

Pertaining to the suggestion of an early rise with Christ, it is interesting to note how all successful people awaken early?

Why successful people wake up early.

There’s something special that happens at 3:³⁰ am.

Something special happens at 3:30 AM…

Do you wake up between 3:00 and 5:00 AM.

Do you wake up between 3:00 and 5:00 AM…

This is why all billionaires wake up at 4:00 AM.

This is why all Billionaires wake up exactly at 4:00 AM…

Why do all successful people wake up early?

Wherein Christian monks advocate prayer at 3:00 AM or PM, for at 3:30 AM there is a special moment within the day when you are closest to God…, While observing how Freemasons have noted this number as significant, implementing it within the design and angle of freemasonry lodges and buildings, pertaining to the number 33 degrees a Free masonic number…

There are 33 million gods worshiped within the Hindu faith, while the number 33,000,000, presents three naughts repeating a pattern twice..

Noting within many Celtic cultures where drinking is observed until 3:00 AM, while maintaining a state of alertness or awakening, as conversations flow in good spirits upon the streets until 5:00 AM.

Edging us ever closer as we adhere to an ancient spiritual realisation as some sort of late night and early morning ancient ritual, as spirits are consumed while in good spirits, in conversation with a spirit.

Reflecting upon the consumption of wine at Christian ceremonies, while the ancient Egyptian cult of Osiris ate bread and drank beer.

Upon observation of how all successful people maintain an awakening routine, wherein they rise at 4:00 AM, it may yet still not be early enough to rise and find Christ.

Whereby we may contemplate the idea of the second coming, while the second is synonymous with time and perhaps being in tune with time, waking up at the right times to connect to the Universe, Christ or God.

While we might surmise that the second coming is also associated with the number two and a 2:00 AM wake up call.

Wherein within Revelation 22:16 , a passage within the Bible is written, where Christ declares himself the morning star, while the planet Venus is known as the morning star as it appears like a star rising in the morning because of its closeness to the sun and a reflection from the sun’s light which makes it appear as if it is a star.

The planet Venus rises between two and five hours before the rising of the sun, before twilight which would suggest 2:00 – 5:00 AM, depending upon the time of year and the angle or orientation of planet earth.

The second as in the number two, may also suggest why it is believed the second coming of Christ shall be throughout the years 2020 – 2021 – 2022, etc.

Wherein we must make haste to be ready and awaken at 2:00 AM within these years, for if you are still thinking of low vibrational thoughts, Christ will pass through you and his efforts to work within you shall be fruitless…

The year 2020 when added together 20 + 20 = 40, brings about the number 40, wherein it was 40 days while Jesus was tempted by Satan, 40 days of floods in Noah’s time, 40 years the Jews wondered as nomads.

4 seasons in the year encircling like a “0”, while a sense of completion, wholeness or emptiness within the “0”..

In 2020 a 2020 vision of clarity shall come upon you within, be awake lest the Devil convinces you that your life is only a dream, for he shall say unto you, you were asleep.

Observing the path of the planet Venus in the years 2020 to 2021…

The word AMEN may also suggest an early rise, for when this word is broken up and it is assumed that the letter “M” appears twice, the word “AM-MEN” is revealed, suggesting that AMEN are the AM MEN, the men of the morning star..

Rising for the second coming, for the bud or Buddha emerging like a seed which is retained within a Garden, to grow into an incarnation turning the wheel of light for the second time, rising with Maitreya, mai-3-eye…

Chanting AUM at AM.

Sailing toward the sea men, who are the men who rise at sé or 6 AM to say Sé Amen, for they are the Sé AM men who rise at 6 AM.

Rising with the lion within to become a Millionaire, or “mi” “lion” “air” “re”…

Do,re,mi – 1,2,3.

“mi” “lion” “air” “re”…
“3” “lions” “air” “2”…

The lion which ascends into the air from the ground, soil or “re” within ..

While it is also noted within Ancient Chinese knowledge of Meridians, how each Meridian is associated with chi or qi which flows through everything within certain times of the day.

Wherein dreams had recently suggest a move toward Mathematics, as dreams of trigonometry…, are present and yet there is a sense which cant help but note how the number 3 as in “tri” is present within this word twice, “3 gnome 3”.

Wherein the word “nome” means home in Latin which would suggest that the number 3, Maths and trigonometry are associated with home in a spiritual ascension sense.

3 home 3… – “tri” “gnome” “try”…

While writing this post and pondering right now, how a need to wake up early this year came across me and thinking of the synchronistic numbers which frequent from time to time over the last number of years and yet a feeling they have been telling me to wake up at these times all along…


13,11 suggesting to stay awake at these times to unite with your Twin flame, Bride or Soul mate…

11:11, 11:13, 13:11, 13:11, 01:01, 01:11, 01:13…

As it is within the word Heaven where the words “he have eve even”, suggesting an early rise at dawn to make the eve or evening even, wherein it was Adam or Adawn who rose for his other half Eve…


How to gain more energy and wake up earlier…

This is natural and actually easier than once thought, as to how you can gain more energy and wake up earlier in the morning, this was something which wasn’t expected, and yet prostrating and prayer actually helps you wake up earlier and gives you more energy.

A few months ago a gradual move towards prostrating when negative thoughts emerged, in the beginning, a practice of standing with the head below the heart.

Somehow it was felt that this helped with negative thoughts, as a mental note passed through me that my posterior was risen in this pose and this is where your drive, passion, joy etc is all derived from.

Letting it naturally flow downward into the head has to bring positive results, and yet now an observation is made that a spontaneous waking is happening at the same time as prostrated the morning before with a greater vigour and energy for life, sound has also helped with the balancing process where it has given more energy, now prayer in the morning is combined while prostrating.

Waking up at 5:30 AM every morning to prostrate and pray, after 6:00 AM falling back to sleep, but find every half hour between 6:00 AM and 8:00 AM something is awakening within, like my heart is coming to life, a flame igniting within my chest… It is important to stay awake at this time, as 2020 is a very dark time energetically or spiritually; it is important to stay awake this year and be awake as the energy of light from the galactic sun rises.

The morning between 3:00 am – 5:00 am is the best time to pray and ask for what you want.

Prove to God or the universe you deserve what you are asking for by waking at this time.

the word of God...

The word of God.!.

the word of God...

Why does the bible say “the word is God and with God”?

Why the “word” and where does the word come from?

The word comes from your throat, which Coincidentally is the fifth chakra.

This might help us understand why there are 5 books which comprise the beginning of the Bible.

1 – Genesis.
2 – Exodus.
3 – Leviticus.
4 – Numbers.
5 – Deutoronomy.

These first 5 books of the Bible are known in Christian or Jewish tradition as the pentateuch.

The word penta means 5 in greek and in an earlier post I alluded to the idea of how the Greek and Hebrew alphabets are the same only pointed in opposite directions.

Penteteuch = 5 books.
Muslims pray 5 times a day.
You say 5 decades of the rosary.
5th chakra, throat, communication, communion.

The ‘penta’ costal star has 5 points.
The ‘penta’ gram has 5 sides.

Coincidentally the prophets who proclaim these faiths have made books, which you would associate with communication, the throat or 5th chakra.

Communication = communion.

The word Bible has 5 letters.
The word Quran has 5 letters.

B.i.b.l.e., basic instructions before leaving earth.
Or base instructions before leaving for the throat…

Moses birth coincides with the rising of the Mayan 5th sun in 3113 bc, did the Mayans know that the 5th sun would rise to awaken the 5th chakra and bring about a whole knew world of communication.


Now the Mayans say we moved into the 6th sun in 2012, will the 6th sun awaken the 6th chakra making the universe fully conscious through the mind or Mayand…

Sexual power.

References to the power of our sexual energy as a creative force.

Let’s begin with freemasonic architecture in the USA.

Here are images of the obelisk which stands in Washington DC.

We can see how this piece of architecture stands upright and erect, denoting the power of the erection and its association with creativity and sexuality.

Below we can see the ancient egyptian temples of Memphis. We can surmise that the pillars look like penis’s or phallus’s, again we can see the power of our sexual energy at play in the erections of these temples. Symbolising that it is the erect phallus which holds everything up.


Below we can see images of a Hindu God, worshipping and pouring milk over what is called the shivalingham.

This imagery depicts the worship of the male phallus or genitalia and there power in creating and contacting God.

Throughout ancient Greece and Rome we can see artwork, particularly sculptures where the genitals are on show, again another reference from another civilization of the importance of the sexual energy and its role in  creativity.

Throughout India Gurus, sages etc can be seen not wearing clothes, again depicting the power of our sexual energy as a creative force and its use in contacting God.

Often it can be observed in India, how many adherents of faith paint a red dot on their head, either on its own or accompanied by three white stripes.

The red dot symbolises the rising of root and sexual energies as this is the colour of the root and sacral chakra.

The three white lines symbolise three i’s or the third 3 eye, (3rd eye), and the colour white symbolises the white light of the heart and Croi or Sri consciousness.


The purr pose. 

There has been a host of solar and lunar eclipses throughout 2019 and it is suggested that the upcoming lunar eclipse in July 15th is one which will bring a change which has the potential to turn everything over. 15th July 2019 is the turn over point. 

Turnover = profit and financial reward.

Lunar eclipses and the moon are associated with water and the rising and polarising of water to bring waters from one side of our planet to the other.

Water also suggests sexual and creative forces within all life and lunar eclipses have the potential to increase or decrease these forces within us.

So how do we prepare for an upcoming lunar eclipse?.

Already in the month of July I can feel a lot of activity in my head, pressure, headaches etc.

I am having visions of eagles, I’m seeing intense blue dots while awake. All suggestions of activity in the head and communication with what we perceive as God, from an ancient cultural or faith based perspective.

It could also be suggested that if there are 3 lunar eclipses and 3 solar eclipses in the same year, that this refers to 3 days and nights of darkness from a biblical perspective, as the light shall be block for these periods.

The switching point or turnover and preparation for me, was actually realising and implementing a downward dog or cat pose, Its a simple idea which is practiced throughout the world but for some reason I am only taking an interest now, as I was preoccupied with other ideas associated with faith and spirituality, ie sound, celibacy etc.

But the idea of our head being below our heart while performing these poses and switching or turning over from being upright to being down low, means that our heart has to beat faster, making the blood move faster around our bodies and giving us an upper body work out, while performing one simple pose.


The purpose might be the “purr-pose”, suggesting that we should perform a downward cat pose, while adding sound in the form of chanting, praying etc or a “purr”, to become pure.

It is ideal to perform these poses in the morning on an empty stomach.

I have alluded to in other posts, how an image of an ancient Egyptian God with an orange or red disc above their head, represents celibacy and the rising of sexual creative forces within us from an ancient Indian or Egyptian perspective.

But could the orange or red disc also represent the blood red moon and lunar eclipses and their influence on our sexual or creative nature.

That our sexual and creative forces cannot rise fully until the passage of time makes its transit, and we cannot awaken to its full potential until we have endured subsequent rising and declining lunar eclipses.

Many faiths throughout the world understand the association cats have with celibacy and the rising of sexual or creator forces within all life

Words which suggest a link with imagery and worship of cats include:

Cat-hechism, Cat-hedral, Cat-holic etc.

The sphinx in ancient Egypt is also a sandstone monument in worship or adoration of the cat.

Their is imagery of Hindu gods also rising cats.


While performing a downward cat or dog pose, my posterior is risen above my head suggesting the rising of sexual forces and celibacy.

My posterior is also suggested to be in a full moon position, as it is raised and would be in full view of anyone looking, suggesting that the term “moon” or “mooning” as in the idea of showing my posterior off, is also linked to the transit of moon cycles and yogic poses.

The term orange order In Ireland might also suggest celibacy from a faith based or creative perspective and such marching performed by the orange order through parts of Ireland on the 12th of July, might also suggest the transit of sexual or creative forces with the transit of the moon cycles.

But the intentions of subsequent orders may only be to control their natural state and the nature or anything they perceive as wild, which might include the Cat-holic Irish.

Whereas Christianity or Catholicism while it promotes celibacy, conveys the idea that this force should only enter the heart and guidance should be sought from there from God or a higher self, instead of trying to rise above the heart to try and enlighten yourself to challenge the notion of God.

It is also suggested that the walls within a church, the sound, the precious metals etc have a particular vibration which will help the adherent balance their energy, this may be the root based idea or principle.

While being celibate and learning to be selfless within that celibacy process, will lead to intuitive ideas of how we can further balance, heal ourselves and connect to God on the highest of levels.

Fasting on bread and water is also suggested within the Christian faith, particularly fasting before communion.

Next is adoration or love of Christ and our Lady, feeling deep intense feelings of emotion and love.

After this is prayer and particularly prayers for others, while as you become celibate your force will turn over, turn outward, upperward, towards others rather than being focused on yourself and your own needs, making you a more harmonious, creative and productive member of your society.

Every letter within the words we speak have particular vibrations which all adds to the balancing process, and certein words within Christian scriptures have been cleverly crafted to help us heal, balance and connect to our inner self, which is God.

Finally is visualisation of your dream or what you and God have planned together, and letting go and letting God.

God’s plan for you while being celibate, may be to become a celebrant of faith and to become a celebrity who promotes and celebrates the word of God.

Such celebrant celebrations can only be achieved while being a celibate celebrity.

To inspire, you must erect the inward spire in you.

This is a pussy cat or pussy chat, which suggests an inward dialogue with your creative or sexual nature.

To active your Pro-state, you must Postrate your posterior or prostate.

You cannot access your full creative potential or intelligence, until you retain your creative life force, which has the power to create life in the form of a child. It creates life and therefore is a creative life force.

The idea of attracting or attaining what you and the universe or God wants is actually a very natural thing and subsequent prayers or chants (suggesting the throat) to attract abundance, cannot achieve desired results until the rest of the levels inside you are active, through balance, celibacy, diet, love and adoration etc, ascending the path from the root in subsequent order.

Ultimately letting go to realise what you and the universe or God really needs.

Ra’s orange disc

(Ra’s) orange disc

The orange disc which is situated above the heads of the gods in ancient Egypt, represents the energies of the energy centres associated in ancient India.

The orange disc above the head of RA represents the rising of sexual energies, the fact that RA is depicted as a bird signifies his animal nature.

The rising of the orange or red disc above Ra’s head represents the rising of sexual energies through celibacy or sexual transmutation above his animal nature.

A serpent can be seen coiled around the disc above Ra’s head, this represents the association with which the serpent has with sexual / sacral or Kundalini energies in ancient India and that a Kundalini awakening and celibacy are the same thing and will produce the same result.

Spiritual Awakening

How does an omnipotent God gets its powers?.

People go through spiritual awakenings or DNA activations and realise what God is and their own God power, but this growth takes several years and can be a very difficult time.

So people are tested Before they become God.
Almost like being tested before you go to heaven.

So life tests an omnipotent God before they realise their God potential.

I don’t see God as this big consciousness which hangs over the sky or in the universe, rather it is something people must grow into to become sustainable or eternal.

We all may have different viewpoints on what God is.

But I do think that a future race will come whom will dominate the sky’s and they will be more sustainable and harmonious than the current races and this is who God is in its physical form.

This is whom spiritualists or occultists call the future sixth root race, I believe the six corresponds to the sixth chakra in Hindu and Sanskrit texts, and refers to the mind.

A future race that will be more logically and rationally minded than the current races.
This is why Jesus or God is often depicted in the clouds as the sixth or brow chakra is a dark blue color and refers to the color of the sky.

This future race will reward or pass justice on humanity accordingly.
They will be God in its physical form.

I actually believe that Sethan is derived from the number six,
in Irish sé means six.
So Sethan is sé than.

Taine in Irish means fire, so sé taine means the sixth spiritual fire.
Even the word sé could mean to see, and also refers to the eye, to see.
The eyes are in the sixth chakra, brow.

That it is Sethan that is the head of the sixth root race, and this is why consecutive monarchic and aristocrital powers have sought to demonise this name.

Because it represents a more logical and complex world which they can’t control.
Think about why is there so much effort put into demonising this name.

This would explain why Jesus and lucifer are both called the morning star. (Isaiah 14:12, Revelation 22:16).
They are the same being, in the clouds or in the sixth chakra.

Some may ask as to why I’m equating the Irish language or Ireland with Sethan or spiritual topics, the reason is that I have identified that Irish or red haired people with so many faiths throughout the world.

That Kukulkan the feathered serpent in the mesoamerican pantheon has a similar description to Satan and lucifer in the bible.
That the mythical warrior in Ireland named Sethanta. Whom grows up to become cuchuilain and whose fathers name is Lugh, actually matches up with these names.

The fire as in the Irish word tine, refers to a spiritual fire which rises inside people to awaken them.
That since 3113 bc when early cultures believed the fifth sun had been emerging, that it was activating the fifth chakra or throat in Hindu and Sanskrit scriptures.

This awakening is known as Beltane in Ireland, and it equates to bheal meaning mouth and tine again meaning fire.
Which would give a fitting description of a dragon breeding fire through its mouth,
L.O.R.D (loyal order of the red dragon) Levithian.

job 41:12 – 21

this is the awakening of the throat chakra or mouth. (Awakening language, poetry, storytelling).
Which may be the reason god names everything in the beginning of Genises in the bible.
Now is the time for the sixth sun, sixth root race, sixth chakra (mind) etc.

The spiritual fire inside us will reach the mind and exit through the eyes, perhaps to see and speak universal truths from a more logical and rational viewpoint.

I want to make one final point here, and that to understand where has the omnipotent name God come from and why the name God?.
It is the word dog backwards for a reason.
And the opposite may represent a god whom has the head of a dog.

This would be Seth in ancient Egypt, and again this name represents six, the sixth chakra (mind) and the head of God.
Look at technological advances in the modern world, such as television, computers, Internet, cameras etc.
They’re all eyes into other worlds, awakening the eye of an omnipotent god within the sixth sun, sixth chakra, brow or minds eye.
It is also the reason ancient scriptures say that the kalki Maitreya is here in this life and he is the physical eyes or sign that God exists.

Sixth sun,
sixth chakra (minds-eye),
Sixth root race.

Something extra to consider.

Job 40:21

“Out of his nostrils goeth smoke, as out of a seething pot or caldron”.
I would argue that this sentence from the book of job should read,
“Out of his nostrils cometh smoke, as out of a seething pot or caldron”.

The word cometh has two meaning, It means to come and also means for a large celestial body to move across the sky.
My point is that the word cometh meaning to come was created while someone was awakening within the throat chakra and developed the word cometh to not only reflect the word to come but also the cometh in the sky.
Both the throat (development of language) and events in the air or sky have a direct correlation.


“World hold on, everybody in the universe. One day you will have to answer to the children of the sky“.

The origins of zionist Palestine.

While Noam Chomsky explains the origins of Zionist Palestine, how such a religious organisation may have begun in England.

Furthermore we may be able to break up the name “Palestine” to reveal a deeper meaning and origin, while the word Palestine may have some shocking revelations.

The word pale may have it’s origin in England with a race with which most notably of having pale complexions.

“Pale”: the dominion of the English in Ireland.

“Pale” – as in pale or white skin.

“Pales” Roman deity of shepherds, livestock etc, as was Jesus.

While the word Tine translates to fire within the Irish or Gaelic language.

“Tine” meaning fire in Irish.

If this word the Pale or Pales tine originates in Ireland or England as I’m suggesting here.

Then the word “Palestine” means Pales tine, pales fire or white fire, wherein we may find many Palestinians having white skin with English or Irish facial features.

While Noam Chomsky explains how the origins of zionist Palestine have their origins in England.

Why the name God?

Is the word dog the opposite of God for a reason?

Could we surmise that the imagery for a dog represents an ordinary animal in the nature, while it’s opposite is an upright human form with the head of a dog or God?

Wherein the God Set is the ancient Egyptian dog headed God.

This may lead us to ask as to whether there are links from ancient Egypt to Biblical Scripture, as we find ourselves asking why did Jesus ride a donkey within the narrative of the Bible?

Is Jesus portraying the idea that his ministry or teachings rest on the shoulders of a donkey?

Whereas Set is the ancient Egyptian donkey headed God.

While we may also conclude that Moses within the Bible, may be Ra-Moses or Rameses the great, whose father is Set?.

Wherein the Bible expands upon the geonolgy from God to Jesus and portrays the idea that Adam and Eve had three sons, Cain, Abel and Set.

While the story goes on to say how Cain kills Abel and therefore Abel has no bloodline, whereas Cain’s people don’t survive the flood in Noah’s time, as it is Set’s bloodline which all humanity has come from, according to the Bible.

Here a fitting conclusion may lead us to believe that if Adam is the son of God, then Set is the grandson of God and therefore Set would call God grandfather.

While interestingly enough some Native American tribes call God or the great spirit grandfather.

According to the Bible it would be Set who would most appropriately have called God grandfather and this might suggest that the Set which is spoken of in the Bible comes from the America’s.

The Bible also describes how Noah made the ark from gopher wood, while the gopher just happens to be an animal in America which is commonly associated with cutting down and felling trees.

Did the biblical Set come from the Meso-American world and take the knowledge of pyramid building to ancient Egypt?.

The word Set has the most amount of definitions in the English language, could Set have travelled to Ireland and England at some time and taken the English language from the Aztek world?, whereby making the word Aztek to actually mean A to Z of tech or technology?.