The purr pose. 


There has been a host of solar and lunar eclipses throughout 2019 and it is suggested that the upcoming lunar eclipse in July 15th is one which will bring a change which has the potential to turn everything over. 15th July 2019 is the turn over point. 

Turnover = profit and financial reward.

Lunar eclipses and the moon are associated with water and the rising and polarising of water to bring waters from one side of our planet to the other.

Water also suggests sexual and creative forces within all life and lunar eclipses have the potential to increase or decrease these forces within us.

So how do we prepare for an upcoming lunar eclipse?.

Already in the month of July I can feel a lot of activity in my head, pressure, headaches etc.

I am having visions of eagles, I’m seeing intense blue dots while awake. All suggestions of activity in the head and communication with what we perceive as God, from an ancient cultural or faith based perspective.

It could also be suggested that if there are 3 lunar eclipses and 3 solar eclipses in the same year, that this refers to 3 days and nights of darkness from a biblical perspective, as the light shall be block for these periods.

The switching point or turnover and preparation for me, was actually realising and implementing a downward dog or cat pose, Its a simple idea which is practiced throughout the world but for some reason I am only taking an interest now, as I was preoccupied with other ideas associated with faith and spirituality, ie sound, celibacy etc.

But the idea of our head being below our heart while performing these poses and switching or turning over from being upright to being down low, means that our heart has to beat faster, making the blood move faster around our bodies and giving us an upper body work out, while performing one simple pose.


The purpose might be the “purr-pose”, suggesting that we should perform a downward cat pose, while adding sound in the form of chanting, praying etc or a “purr”, to become pure.

It is ideal to perform these poses in the morning on an empty stomach.

I have alluded to in other posts, how an image of an ancient Egyptian God with an orange or red disc above their head, represents celibacy and the rising of sexual creative forces within us from an ancient Indian or Egyptian perspective.

But could the orange or red disc also represent the blood red moon and lunar eclipses and their influence on our sexual or creative nature.

That our sexual and creative forces cannot rise fully until the passage of time makes its transit, and we cannot awaken to its full potential until we have endured subsequent rising and declining lunar eclipses.

Many faiths throughout the world understand the association cats have with celibacy and the rising of sexual or creator forces within all life

Words which suggest a link with imagery and worship of cats include:

Cat-hechism, Cat-hedral, Cat-holic etc.

The sphinx in ancient Egypt is also a sandstone monument in worship or adoration of the cat.

Their is imagery of Hindu gods also rising cats.


While performing a downward cat or dog pose, my posterior is risen above my head suggesting the rising of sexual forces and celibacy.

My posterior is also suggested to be in a full moon position, as it is raised and would be in full view of anyone looking, suggesting that the term “moon” or “mooning” as in the idea of showing my posterior off, is also linked to the transit of moon cycles and yogic poses.

The term orange order In Ireland might also suggest celibacy from a faith based or creative perspective and such marching performed by the orange order through parts of Ireland on the 12th of July, might also suggest the transit of sexual or creative forces with the transit of the moon cycles.

But the intentions of subsequent orders may only be to control their natural state and the nature or anything they perceive as wild, which might include the Cat-holic Irish.

Whereas Christianity or Catholicism while it promotes celibacy, conveys the idea that this force should only enter the heart and guidance should be sought from there from God or a higher self, instead of trying to rise above the heart to try and enlighten yourself to challenge the notion of God.

It is also suggested that the walls within a church, the sound, the precious metals etc have a particular vibration which will help the adherent balance their energy, this may be the root based idea or principle.

While being celibate and learning to be selfless within that celibacy process, will lead to intuitive ideas of how we can further balance, heal ourselves and connect to God on the highest of levels.

Fasting on bread and water is also suggested within the Christian faith, particularly fasting before communion.

Next is adoration or love of Christ and our Lady, feeling deep intense feelings of emotion and love.

After this is prayer and particularly prayers for others, while as you become celibate your force will turn over, turn outward, upperward, towards others rather than being focused on yourself and your own needs, making you a more harmonious, creative and productive member of your society.

Every letter within the words we speak have particular vibrations which all adds to the balancing process, and certein words within Christian scriptures have been cleverly crafted to help us heal, balance and connect to our inner self, which is God.

Finally is visualisation of your dream or what you and God have planned together, and letting go and letting God.

God’s plan for you while being celibate, may be to become a celebrant of faith and to become a celebrity who promotes and celebrates the word of God.

Such celebrant celebrations can only be achieved while being a celibate celebrity.

To inspire, you must erect the inward spire in you.

This is a pussy cat or pussy chat, which suggests an inward dialogue with your creative or sexual nature.

To active your Pro-state, you must Postrate your posterior or prostate.

You cannot access your full creative potential or intelligence, until you retain your creative life force, which has the power to create life in the form of a child. It creates life and therefore is a creative life force.

The idea of attracting or attaining what you and the universe or God wants is actually a very natural thing and subsequent prayers or chants (suggesting the throat) to attract abundance, cannot achieve desired results until the rest of the levels inside you are active, through balance, celibacy, diet, love and adoration etc, ascending the path from the root in subsequent order.

Ultimately letting go to realise what you and the universe or God really needs.


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