Film soundtracks synthesiser sounds. 

Film soundtracks with high electronic synthesiser sounds.

High electronic synthesiser sounds are good for balancing the brain.

Every energy centre, chakra etc corresponds to particular frequencies, notes, tones, musical instruments etc.

High electronic Synthesiser  sounds are known to resonate with the brain.

Check out the link below to see which energy centre corresponds to which musical instrument etc.

If suffering from headaches, pressure around head etc, listening to these sounds and instruments is proven to reduce symptoms.

Below is a list of film singles with distinctive electronic synthesiser sounds.

The midnight – Endless summer soundtrack :

The midnight – Light Years:

The midnight – Days of Thunder:

Synthwave chill:

The midnight – Explorers:

The midnight – Lost boy:

The midnight – The Equaliser (Your not alone) :

Time cop 1983 – Secrets:

Sonic Catharsis is also a proven method of influencing our emotions to relieve associated symptoms, to live a more harmonious and balanced life.

Catharsis definition:

“The release or purging of strong repressed emotions”.


Sonic Catharsis therefore releases strong repressed emotions through sound.

Sekmet with orange sacral disc above head

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#Cat-holic #Catholic

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#Cat-alyst #Catalyst

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