Singing falsetto

Singing in falsetto and it’s link to sexual transmutation and rising of sexual or creative forces, to become celibate.

This may be the idea behind praying, chanting, singing and their associated frequencies and sounds.

Every vowel sound has a frequency, which helps balance each level inside us.

Adding sound in the form of praying etc, while being celibate may help us transmute our sexual energy.

Helping us focus our creative life force towards higher levels and endeavours.

Falsetto qoute: Jenson zhu

“I have to confess, that when I sing In falsetto. I feel like I’ve lost my testicles”.

how to sing falsetto.

Michael Jackson sings falsetto and makes reference to a force which is alive inside him, in his song “don’t stop till you get enough”.

Top 10 male falsettos.

Freddie Mercury also sings falsetto and within the lyrics of Queens song “one vision”, the lyrics “God works in mysterious ways” can also be heard.

This song makes reference to spiritual or faith based ways, with one way, one vision.

For males trying to become celibate, they may not be able to fully achieve this until they are in the constant company of a woman, who would naturally have a high pitched falsetto voice.

This may be one of the reasons why man needs woman and vice verse, neither side can reach their full creative potential or intelligence until they unite.

The problem with singing is that over time it can be perceived to be common and simple, something which we only treat as entertainment.

But sound should be viewed as a tool for healing and balance.

Falsetto word derivations:

False, Falls to, Falls to toe, Fallis, to self.

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