Ale-khemia, the, alchemical marriage


Min or Khem God in ancient Egypt or Al-khemia

The ancient name for ancient Egypt is “Al-Khemia”, the word Khemia would suggest as to where the word’s alchemy or chemistry derives its origins.

“Al” in Arabic translates as the word “the”, so “Al-Khemia”, may mean the chemist and the sphinx or cat may be the cat-alyst which is needed to speed up chemical reactions, as cats represent Kundalini or sexual / creative life forces.

The cats purr pose is the purpose, the word with which it is suggested that the cat makes “mau”, is similar to “mia” in the word “khemia”. (khe/khi/chi-mia).

Suggesting the unification of chi or sexual, creative energies with sound, as to achieving a cat-holistic view of the world.

In essence being celibate while adding sound in the form of prayer, chanting, singing, music, frequencies etc.

The purpose is the purr-pose, or add sound in the form of a purr to your yogic cat pose.

The word “ale” meaning beer, may also be derived from “Al” or “Al-Khemia”.

Often in imagery in ancient Egypt, worshipers of particular faiths or cults can be seen in images or hieroglyphics drinking beer at ceremonies and it may be the reason Christians drink wine at mass.

“Ol” in Irish means “drink” and this also may have reference in ancient Egypt’s ancient name “Al-Khemia”.

Petroleum is the starting product for a lot of chemical reactions and high yield alcohol, such as vodka or potin in ireland has similar chemical properties to petroleum and could have been used as the starter ingredient or catalyst in chemical reactions in ancient Egypt.

The word tabernacle is also very similar to the word taberna, meaning bar or tavern in certain European languages and this may suggest as to where faith has its origins.

Khem, kmn, ancient Egyptian name.
Al-kimaya, al-khemia, Arabic translation meaning the chemist.

Words deriving from al-khemia, are alchemy, alchemist, chemistry etc.

RA-khem / Makher, meet your maker.

Word derivations from khem, are come, came, cum, Che, qi, chi, qu,
All references to sexual and creative forces.

Min or khem ancient Egyptian God, holding erect penis or phallis.

Associated with Orgianic rites / orgi or sex rites.

Greek meaning “khumeaia”, meaning “pour together or cast together”.

“purr” together.

Purr = pure.

Words such as Chemical, Michael arc angel,
Mecca, olmec, Al-Mecca, may all be derived from Al-khemia or Khem.

The alchemical marriage.

The purpose is the purr-pose, or add sound in the form of a purr to your yogic cat pose.



One thought on “Ale-khemia, the, alchemical marriage

  1. *waves hello* personified el-Kimiya, alkimyst kitsune bat kol qetesh nha gia Kim tihn katta koppa quetzecoatl kataluo kahana kachina kamikaze king keystone, queen K. Here in the mirror double vessel, potassium princess. LOL
    Bunch of other things and correspondences I can’t be bothered right now. Anyway, say my name, call on me, from purest kavana, kali kaba kama will be there. 🤷‍♀️🎭🤸‍♀️🚽🌊🔥⚗💛🦄

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