Cats and there connection to the sexual and creative world.

Tigers and lions are either an orange or golden colour, suggesting the colour of the sacral chakra in India, associated with sexuality and creativity.

Cats also crawl on all fours and are connected to the ground in this way, in another post I went into detail as to why everything which lies or crawls on the ground represents this creative or sexual level.

(Ancient Egyptian creative life symbolism).

Scorpions, spiders, beetles, snakes, cats etc.
Sand, water, clay etc.

It might be suggested that cats are the dominant force within this level and represent the highest physical life form in a creative or sexual sense.

Sekmet in ancient Egypt is depicted as a human figure with the head of a feline cat, she is also often depicted with an orange disc above her head, which would represent the idea in ancient India that creative and sexual energies have risen above her animal nature, suggesting celibacy.

Many hindu gods are depicted riding tigers, which suggests that the foundation of their ministry or teachings is resting on the shoulders of sexual or creative life forces and the fact that they may be siting on a cat would symbolise that they have risen above their sexual animal nature, to become celibate.

This is the reason cats seem to come into our lives while our creative, sexual or Kundalini forces start to allign, cats are intimately linked to creative and sexual forces.

The sphinx in ancient Egypt is also the image of a feline cat, which is made from sandstone, all suggestions of forces associated with creativity and sexuality.

Cats are coincidently nervous around water, as I have suggested water lies just on the earth and represents creative forces in an unmanifest sense.

Could the reason cats feel so uncomfortable with water suggest that they fear the unmanifest forces of creation, or the forces of the Kundalini flowing through life to realign itself with everything.

Cats may represent the control of sexual or creative forces in a physical sense and some may use this power for selfish reasons, so the rising of Kundalini waters or an imminent Kundalini flood strikes fear into cats as they intuitively know that all creative and sexual forces will be reset, which can be a difficult and painful process particularly for those who are controlling.

The moon also controls the flow of waters and the tide, which might suggest that it can polarise or divide sexual and creative waters, within all life forms.

Many practitioners of magic associated with cats will perform rituals under lunar eclipses, suggesting that their creative, sexual or magical powers are either heightened or diminished when the moon is in transit.

So if you are on a path of ascencion, or Kundalini forces are rising, or your just celibate and can feel your creative or sexual force rising, well you will feel these forces rise more rapidly like a river flowing while there are lunar eclipses.

It may almost feel like time is speeding up or slowing down during lunar or solar eclipses, but it is actually an increased or decreased flowing of creative or sexual forces within you, which gives you the sense that time is changing.

All institutions, faiths etc which have symbolism associated with cats or moons suggest that the teachings or ministries are founded on the rising of creative and sexual forces which have risen above their animal nature’s.

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