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Sexual Transmutation, Sexual Sublimation, What Is Sexual Energy and How to Use It

What is Sexual Energy Specifically?

There are many different types of energy and sexual energy is one of them.

Every living thing on the planet – including human beings, animals, plants, and micro-organisms – is here because of sex and sexual energy. It is the energy of life and the energy of creation.

Sexual energy at its most basic level is the driving force behind the sexual act itself. It is linked to both innate biological programs as well as our desires.
Your sexual energy is a life-giving energy which is sustaining and maintaining you all the time.

A deeper look into sexual energy also reveals that it is not just some survival instinct to propagate the species, but is in fact our life force energy and life creation energy. It is the energy that brings forth and creates life first and foremost but it also sustains life.
Sexual energy is life-giving energy which animates all living creatures. Throughout your life, on a physical level, your sexual energy sustains you and nourishes you. In other words, it gives you life at birth but it doesn’t end there. This energy accompanies you throughout your entire life, regenerating your cells constantly.

Sexual energy is the energy of creation and creativity. All of us ultimately stem from sex. We are a creation of sex and it is our origin. Without sexual energy there would be no life because there would be no urge, motivation, or driving force to create life.
Sexual energy is life and life is sexual energy. The two are inseparable.

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Magic and its relation to notes and tones.

While it can be observed within many magic traditions which involve movement, how partialur sounds are invoked either to heal, balance or communicate with a magic divinity within…

How certain scales may have been employed in the ancient past with the intention of conjuring magick within…

One such scale which may be the origin of many’s a magick book, may be derived from the solfeggio scale.

Employing seven tones here which may influence what is called seven chakras or energy centres within far Eastern spiritual practice.

We also may surmise how the creators of such languages within the Western world may have derived word origins from other languages and traditions in the past, particularly from the traditions outlined above.

Embedding what we think are ordinary English words for example with particular tones, within magical or faith based scriptures, when in reality words within this language may have an otherworldly origin.

There are seven tones within the solfeggio scale and seven chakras or energy centres.

Do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti.

Ma = 3rd chakra, do, re, mi or ma…

Noting how the third tone here is “mi” and how this tone may refer to the third chakra, the solar plexus…

We may surmise here how the sound “ma or mi” in magic may refer to this tone also, referring to the solar plexus…

While the solar plexus is a golden or yellow colour, it is interesting how the Magician and author, Alistair Crowley refers to his magical book as the “Golden Dawn“.

How the word solar in solar plexus may also refer to the solar system, sun and the dawn…

Golden = solar plexus…
Dawn = sun & solar system…

While observing certain magical rituals it is interesting to see how similar they are in expression to yoga poses and routines within Indian Aryuvedic spiritual practice.

Golden dawn postures = yoga.
Yogam = Magoy or magic.

Noting how the third chakra may also refer to the third eye, the mind and thought.

It may be interesting to note the ancient Egyptian God Thot and the linguistic similarities his name has with thought and perhaps his association with the third eye, the solar plexus and magic.

How the functions of the mind, memory, concentration, thought etc may be enhanced when opening the solar plexus.

Thoth = mind, 3rd eye…
3rd chakra, 3rd eye, mind, thought, Thoth.

While the letters “gi” and “c”, may refer to chi energy and transmutation of that with which is below the solar plexus, referring to animal base or earthly sources of energy..

K = ki, chi.
Magic = ma, gi, c.
Gi , c = ki or chi..

Wheras the tone sol is present within the words Solfeggio and solar plexus – sol ar plexus…

There are other words found in magic or faith based traditions which have similar tones inserted within them.

Such words include:
Hermetic, hermet, her meet.
Gematria, gi, ma, 3.
Maitreya, ma, 3, eye…

Denoting the third energy centre or third eye.

Ti – Crown.
La – Third eye
Sol – throat.
Fa – heart.
Mi – solar plexus…
Re – sacre..
Ut – Do – Root.

Wherein the solar plexus is also associated with the fire it may be interesting to observe how the tone “ma” may be present within the word magma, referring to a rock which we may observe being on fire or of being igneous.

Magma, igneous.

While the word ignis means fire in Latin.

Latin: ignis, fire.

The sanskrit word “Mani” is also present within the word Manifest, denoting the solar plexus…


Ki’ing Solomon the 3rd…

“Solomon” is to do with the 3rd chakra, solar plexus.


Solo = 1, 3 in 1.
“Mon” is related to the solfegio
– do, re, mi, fa sol, la, ti – scale.

Each of these 7 tones corresponds to a chakra.

Anything with the tone “mi, me, ma, mo” etc refers to the number 3 and the third chakra, as in “Mon or man” or any word with 3 letters corresponds to the solar plexus, ie “God”, ” – son – of” – man – ” etc.

The sacral chakra is associated with the creation of children so it is only fitting that you feel like a man or woman when the solar plexus opens up, and you also focus on yourself, or me, mi, my, or myself.

Solomon means 3 in 1.!😊

Mystery, my steer.

Solar barge

My mysterious steer across the waters in me and myself.! 😊, in my solar barge…

The 3rd or solar plexus chakra is about rising above the water that is the sacral chakra inside you, so often it is symbolised with a yellow or golden boat being steered on the water and sometimes the boat can be pink, because between the red root and the white heart in a solar sense the solar plexus would be pink.

“pink pussy, pink panther” .
English quote: “3 yellow lions on the shirt”

This is where the word mystery comes from and why it is that so many spiritual traditions seem to be mired in mystery.

The word mystery refers to the solar plexus, it is “my steer” as in steering my solar plexus boat.

This is why their is a story in ancient Egypt of the solar barge or boat.

The solar plexus is where 3 unite as one, this is why the word “boat” and “both” sound the same.

2 or both are aligning on a boat above the waters of the sacral chakra, within the solar plexus.

This is where the word “relationship” comes from, notice the word ship here.

A relationship is a relation ship, you are aligning with someone you are related to on a ship inside yourself…


– My mysterious steer across the waters in me and myself.! 😊, in my solar barge – …

our relationship upon the relation ship…

🎵”Humarun” 🎵chant…


While dreaming of a white stork in ancient Egypt Chanting “Humarun”🎵, I proceeded to chant or sing within the dream, the ancient Egyptian bird brought clarity in the night or in the darkness.!.

Whereas noticing the symbolism within pictures of birds portrayed in ancient Egyptian, the orange disc and its position, the two orange balls at the feet and their meaning..

Noting how chanting is best received when these symbols are noted and implemented into one’s life accordingly.

While a dream of waking up in a strange room, being bearly able to see, hearing someone speak, glancing to see a creature which looked alien and yet at the same time which looked like an animal.

It said “they are burning in the day and smell in the night”.

Another bird within the dream woke up and chanted “Humarun”, it has taken me to ancient Egyptian chanting 🎶🎵, wherein noting how the name of the oldest ancient Egyptian hymn is linguistically similar to the word humarun.

Not ever having visited ancient Egypt or knowing its language, yet somehow dreams of this nature present themselves. 

Hurrian hymns.

The Hurrian hymns are a compilation of ancient inscribed music, engraved on cuneiform clay tablets excavated from the ancient Amorite, Canaanite city of Ugarit, situated upon a peninsula in northern Syria, dating approximately 1400 BCE.

While one of these tablets, which is almost complete, contains the Hurrian Hymn to Nikkal,  a.k.a. the Hurrian cult hymn or A Zaluzi to the Gods, making it the oldest surviving substantially complete work of notated music in the world.

Ancient Egypt. 

Back as far as 2000 BC, the ancient Egyptians inscribed their dreams on papyrus. While people having vivid and symbolic dreams were thought of as being blessed and were considered special.

Ancient Egyptians believed that dreams were like oracles, bringing messages from the gods. They thought that the best way to receive divine revelation was through dreaming and thus they would induce (or “incubate”) dreams.

Oneiromancy & divination in dreams.
  • From the Greek – όνειροϛ oneiros, dream, and μαντεία manteia, prophecy.

Is a form of divination based upon dreams, and also uses dreams to predict the future.

Biblical oneiromancy.

Whereas dreams occur throughout the Bible as omens or messages from God;

  • God speaks to Abram while he is in a deep sleep (Genesis 15);
  • God speaks to Abimelech, the king of Gerar, concerning his intentions regarding Sarah, Abraham’s wife (Genesis 20);
  • Jacob dreams of a ladder to heaven (Genesis 28);
  • Solomon conversed with God in his dreams (1 Kings 3);
  • Daniel interpreted dreams (in the Book of Daniel 2 and 4);
  • Joseph, now husband of Mary, was directed to flee with Mary and Jesus to Egypt (Matthew 2);
  • In Acts 2:17, the apostle Peter quotes Joel 2:28, saying that because of the Spirit now out poured, “…your old men will dream dreams.”

Sodom and Gomorrah & Sodom(eye) et ja'amore.!.

Sodom.! and Gomorrah.! .

Sodom and Gomorrah & Sodom(eye) et ja’amore..

Genesis 19.
The destruction of sodom.

1 – When the two angels reached Sodom in the evening, Lot was sitting at the gate of the town.
As soon as he saw them, he rose to meet them, bowed with his face to the ground,

2 – and said, “My Lords, I pray you  come to your servant’s house to stay the night. Wash your feet, and then in the morning you may  rise early and go on your way.” They said, “No we will spend the night in the square.”

3 – But so strongly did he insist that they went with him to his house; there he prepared a   meal for them,   baking bread without   yeast. This they ate…

4 – They had not yet gone to bed when men from the town surrounded the house; they were the men of Sodom, young and old, the entire population.. .

3 am wake up call.! 👆

Waking up at 3 am and mirror images of ourselves.

Why am I waking up at 3 am and should I have went to sleep or should I be still dancing?.

Along my journey of fulfilment, focusing on my own life and entering into the awareness of the solar chakra and the myself.

I’m starting to notice how certain things which I thought were different are actually mirror images of each other and are actually the same thing only pointed in a different direction.

One such thing I have noticed is the Hebrew and Greek language’s.

Observe them here and notice how in particular the first four letters in their respective alphabets are spelt with the same letters, but are actually spelt in an opposite way.

I grew up assuming these languages were completely different as there writing styles would suggest, but they are actually mirror images of each other.

Greek – alpha, beta, gamma, delta.
Hebrew – alef, beit, gimel, dalet.

I noticed years ago how Islamic languages in particular were similar to music notation in the western world and that to understand the Middle and far Eastern languages, all you had to do was apply the same theory as you would to reading music.

Noting wave and dot positions and heights in respect to one another.

The fact that the Greek letters “alpha and beta”
are similar to the English word alphabet and this is the Greek alphabet I’m describing, denotes also a close relationship with which the Greek, Hebrew and English languages have with each other.

Lately I have been waking up at 3 am and I find myself stretching and feeling compelled to pray as their is a flood of energy going through me at this time and it seems to bring great feelings into my heart.

I believe that if you wake up at 3 am, that this is the best time to manifest, for when you feel it and can see what you want, it will come.

I noted as a child how Christian monks would wake up at unGodly hours to pray and meditate, but now realise that 3 am is God’s time.

All religious disciplines comment on spontaneously arising or awakening at this time and that it is actually something very natural which the nature spontaneously does.

I now am waking up at this time, but noticed at a wedding I was attending how we dance, drink and party until 3 am in the morning.

It was like in one moment I seen the mirror image of something with which I thought was just a trivial piece of entertainment or the holiest of practices.

The ritual, If you’d call it that of going out and drinking and dancing until 3 am is something akin to getting up at 3 am to perform yoga and meditation.

In my opinion the dance is yoga, the drink is derived from fruits and vegetables and the movement helps you meditate on this moment in time.

It was like the two practices were mirror images of one another, only one ended at 3 am while the other was just beginning at the same time.

I realised, at that moment in time that what I thought was this “holier that thow” spiritual experience, was actually me just coming back into sync with the party I had left so many years ago.

Within the dance and drinking, we were preparing ourselves for union with God and if you had performed the right practices.

Giving up your wants in each energy centre and deciding not to serve your own interests and letting go, then God’s love came through you at 3 am.


The golden bracelet of Anubis.

I want you to analyse the scenes within this film for a moment, “the Mummy returns”.

In an earlier post I alluded to the idea that everything which lies or crawls on the ground represents the creative level inside us.

Babies crawl on the ground, we lie down when we procreate with our partner.

This is also true in a natural sense.

Water, sand, clay, soil etc lies on the ground.
Beetles, scarabs, scorpions, snakes etc crawl on the ground, these symbols and images represent creation of life in a tribal sense and in particular this is what it meant to the ancient Egyptians also.

Certain scenes within the film the “Mummy returns” depicts these creatures, images or symbols.

One such scene can be observed at the beginning of the film where workers are digging for the remnants of “Imhotep” .

When out of the sand emerges beetles, which then proceed to enter into the bodies of the workers, whereby their brains are eaten or they are consumed.

Beetles consuming humanity represent the consuming creative life forces inside us and our inability to control them or abstain from overindulging in them, which lead’s to the eventual consuming of the individual who only thinks of their own material and desirable needs.

Notice within this first scene, how it is the workers who have succumb to the beetles and not those dressed in white or red robes.

The wearing of white or red robes denotes respect for life and life force creator processes within.

White represents all the spectrum of light and denotes inclusion of all life and love for it.

In a later scene within this film, the boy
“Alex O’Connell” finds himself with the golden bracelet of “Anubis” which Coincidentally is a scorpion on his wrist, again the scorpion crawls on the ground and denotes creative forces.

The bracelet is also made of gold, which denotes particular energy centres of this colour.

The boy “Alex O’Connell” is then informed by “Imhotep” that he has seven days to bring the bracelet inside the pyramid and before the sun comes up.

When the sun comes up it is a yellow colour, which denotes a particular energy inside us.

Interestly the character, the “Curator” then puts on the bracelet and places it inside the stomach of a giant scorpian which is affixed to the wall inside the pyramid.

This film is not only a visual representation of physical things going on around the characters, but also references activity which is happening inside us energetically, with life forces.

If the symbol of the golden scorpion is not placed within the pyramid that is you and within the stomach of the scorpion before the sun rises inside you, you will be consumed by its desire and power.

bell eye butt tone.

Re’son’ate at this free’qu-een’ci.

Resonate at the frequency of your desire’s.

Re’son’ate at the free’qu-een’ci of your do’ci’re’s..

Manifest your goal’s…

Man’i’fest fast, with the ke(y)’tone’s of life.

With a tree (3) diamond golden leaf and a bell eye butt tone..

For the path of life is made with your stones…

Become the ki’ing or Qu’een of your own success story.

bell eye butt tone.

…The 3 diamond leaf and the bell eye butt tone..

Surviving the cross…

In an earlier post, I alluded to the idea that the colour sequence of the sun as it makes its ascent, mimics that of the colour sequence of the chakras or energy centres.

Root – red.
Sacral – orange.
Solar – yellow.
Heart – white.

So what we think is spiritual understanding, is also earthly, solar, universal understanding aswell.

This is a fitting analogy for understanding our energy centres and what we can expect when we ascend through them.

Imagine you are observing the sun from a space station, the sun is yellow or white when you look at it.

This is the sun’s true colours.

Now imagine you are back on earth, and you are watching the sun rise from the ground.

The sun appears red and then orange, but as we know this is not the sun’s true colours.

The sun is not itself when it is red or orange, nor is the sun focusing on itself when it is this colour..

This is a fitting analogy of how we can understand our own energy centres.

When our energy or awareness is in the red / orange or root and sacral chakra, we are not focusing or the sun / son of man is not focusing on us.

The sun / son is focusing on the earth, material, root needs when it is red and on our family and community or sexual animal nature when it is orange.

As I have demonstrated from the analogy above, of observing the sun from the space station, the sun is not itself, nor is it focusing on itself when it is low in the sky and it doesn’t become or focus on itself until it becomes yellow.

This is a spiritual analogy, that we don’t focus on ourselves or own needs and wants until our awareness shifts into the yellow or solar plexus chakra.

Not until we purge ourselves of our material wants and sexual desires within the root and sacral, do we awaken within the solar plexus and start to become ourselves and focus on our own lives.

What we think is spiritual understanding or understanding only assigned to faith, can also be used to understand our solar system, universe, science etc.

This can be demonstrated also when we observe crosses, particularly celtic crosses.

The circle on the cross represents our sun or son, the cross in between represents the galactic cross, with which the sun ascends or descends through.

When this happens the vibration of everything around it increases, forcing all life to awaken or eveolve.

This can be a difficult time for life, adjusting to new frequencies etc.

But there is a simple way to get through this vibrational shift and that is simply to act like and give up with the sun / to the son.

This also serves as an analogy for sun worship and the statement I made above “to give up with the sun”, may represent giving up pagan sun worship ideas, giving up the idea that everything is only energy from the galaxy and failing to see that there is aslo life, rather give up to the son and realise that the greatest purpose has no purpose, but is to simply exist without a need, with only unconditional love for any situation or person you may encouter.

Give up earthly / material / root possesions when the sun is red.

Give up sexual desires when the sun is orange.

Give up food and fast when the sun is yellow.

And finally give up your life to Jesus Christ, God, our lady etc when the sun is in the white light of the heart.

This is how you survive the galactic Cross, anything else only serves the ego of the individual self and will only lead to headaches, anxiety, depression, burning sensations etc.

In a sense the only way you can survive the frequencies of the galactic cross, is to be Christ like and give yourself up for others.

Only love or Christ will survive, only God is eternal.

For all other life will see no purpose in it and will wither away serving their own needs and desires.