twin flames...

Twin flames in the material realm – 2012.

Twin flames in the material realm – 2012.

2012 & a 2020 vision of perfection.

A twin flame is a single soul that was divided into two, at the beginning of the world and acquired two different bodies in this physical realm –
(re-al – m).

The end of kali yuga we descended into the  complete material world and obsessed over material things and sexual gratification.

21/12/2012 was the swithover point from us descending into complete materialism and ascending out of that limited way of thinking.

This is why you met your twin flame in 2012 in a different body.

The beginning and the end of the world begun in 2012.

Many synchronous events within the material realm happened around this time.

From 2012 to this present day, you have been learning about how your thinking is limited and materialistic and you have been learning about  abstaining from your desires.

The material is the physical earth itself and the desires are just above the earth and are represented by things lieing on the earth.

The end of the world happens when you shift your thinking from material and your own selfish desires within the root and sacral chakra.

This period of learning started to happen from 2012 onward.

This period of learning will end on the 25/12/2019, and we will enter into the awareness of the solar plexus chakra and awareness of the solar system and the end of the world.

2012 was the beginning of the world, 2019 and entering into 2020 is the end of the world.

This is where soul mates or twin flames gain a strong desire to unite their souls, in the flame or fire of the soul-air plexus.

Everything is divinely guided, even when the mess ups you think you have made, upon your journey of ascension into twin flame Union.

For to Purge your selfish notions of spiritual ascension, you must mess up and think you did something wrong and lose all hope, but yet still carry on in an embrace of love towards life.

This is the path towards selflessness.



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