How to become fulfilled.

You cannot give a full fill, until you are completely empty.

Imagine you have a glass in front of you.

If the glass is half or quarter full, you can only give a half or three quarter fill.

It is only until you have a completely empty glass, that you can fulfill completely, and only until you are completely empty inside can you be completely fulfilled.

As above so below, as within so without.
To know thy self within is to go without.

This is the fastest way to become fulfilled, God’s speed in you will then become fast, for God’s speed is fast.

I will now proceed to live off the ketones of my muscular structure and enter into eternal bliss.

For I have noted, that the chemical structure of my keystones are very similar to the drugs I used to ingest.

Noting that they are full of nitrogen based elements and this is whence forth I will go from now on.

So, so long.!.

If use are trying to abstain from sexual activity, you should be focusing on orange and scarlet red tones to balance that energy, then focus on Christ on the cross if you feel the urge.

Focusing on Christ will bring you to think about compassion rather than thinking about sexual content.


You don’t necessarily have to focus on Christ, focus on bodybuilding to distract the mind.


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