There is beauty in brokenness.

There is beauty in brokenness.
Beauty – be, au(gold), ti, eat – eat gold.

Watch this video if you want to mend your brokenness.

Observe the analogies given here, as to why the analogy of mending broken pottery is done with gold filling.

Do you see that this is a reference to chakras with which you would associate with a golden colour.

Sacral and solar.

To mend your brokenness you must use these forces inside you.

There is also an analogy of turning the gold from a solid state or block and heating it up to become more lucid and malebal or (male-ball).

This journey towards becoming unbroken starts with the base, material or root inside you and letting this substance rise by increasing your vibration and then turning it into a substance which can heal the sacral and solar parts of you.

Can you see within these words spoken, as to how many references there are to the sacral and solar plexus.

The colour gold for example, that the word “malebal” renders to male ball.

The chi is associated with the sacral chakra and creation of “chi” ldren and abstaining from using this vibration inside you gives you this child like wonder of everything.

So it is only fitting that the next level inside you is associated with the man or woman and a state of maturity, coming out of your childish ways, this is malebal or the male-ball.

Even the word “filling” we might associate with food and the chakra associated with it.

Filling yourself with the golden light of the son.

We can also surmise that many of the words we use on a daily bases can be broken down to re’veal more simplistic meaning and origins.

It is my belief that many of the words we use are derived from a solfegio scale of

“do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti.

That each sound in this scale corresponds to a tone, which then corresponds to a chakra that tone is influencing.

The sound “re” is the 2nd tone, and corresponds to the 2nd chakra or sac-ra or sacral chakra.

Words with rey, re, or ri correspond to the sacral chakra, celibacy or sexual transmutation.

So what is “real”?.

Real is “re – al” and corresponds to the 2nd and 6th note in our do, re, mi solfegio scale.

Which corresponds to the 2nd and 6th chakra.
We can correlate this when we observe images of gurus and yogis in India, when we see a red dot on there forehead.

The red dot signifies celibacy and the rising of sexual forces from the second chakra or sacral into the 6th chakra or brow, and this is what is real.

Abstaining from sexual activity until it reaches the 6th tone or chakra, “re – al” or “re – la”.

..”Sangreal, sang rela”..

Abstaining from sex-re, sek-re or sacra.

Sacral means sek – re – al “, transmutation of sexual forces from the re or second chakra into the sixth or la chakra.

The word” re” or “ri” means king in many ancient cultural languages.

Re or ri is the king, as in raja in the far east and the ri or raja also denotes the second chakra and sexual transmutation.

We can also observe the “ki” in the word King or “qu” in the Queen, denoting sexual forces.

The word “qu” is also observed in the book the “Quran”, which might render to the reign of the “qu” or Chi forces.

In the mesoamerican pantheon it can be observed that the deity worshipped “kukulkan or quetzalcoatl” also has the words “ku” or “qu” in it, denoting sexual forces.

Interestingly enough the name kukulkan has the word “ku” inserted twice denoting that it is the “ku / cu or chi” which we associate with the second chakra.

We associate the word “coming” with more than one meaning.
The word coming also has a sexual reference.

So the phrase the second coming of the Lord, not only denotes his physical arrival, but also is making reference to his sexual forces.

The second coming is associated with the second chakra.

The word “Royal” can also be derived in the same way we derived the word real, from the note or words “rey + al”, meaning reyal or royal.

We can also observe the word “indo” when we denote the origins of the human language.

It is postulated that the indo Aryan language is the root of all languages.

Indo renders to “in-do”, “do” as in the first tone in our do, re, mi solfegio scale also corresponds to our first chakra, which happens to be the root chakra, as in the indo Aryan language is the root language.

The word “Aryan” we might surmise is then derived from our second tone in our do, re, mi scale, meaning “ere, eri, or ery, denoting an association with the sacral or second chakra.

The indos are the root, as in the Indians and aryans are the sek-re tranmuters.

The word Aryan or Eryen brings up some interesting observations now that we can see how words are formed from our scale and correlated to Indian understanding of chakras.

The aryan or the eryan are the er’re, or air’ray.

Not only denoting an association to our solfegio chakra scale and denoting an association with the sacral chakra, but also denoting an observation which is taken from the images on our very planet, as in the air.

Eryans transmute the “er or re” in the second or sacral chakra and direct it towards the “air or sun’s Ray in the air, which we associate with chakras of the throat and mind, simply because we breath air through our throats or our eyes take in the rays.

The Eryans reign over the air, by transmuting the re or ri inside them.

We can also surmise by observing the Hindu saga and the incoming Kalki incarnation, whom is the Hindu God Vishnu’s tenth and final incarnation.

How the name “Kalki” could render to chal – chi.
Kalki or Chalchi who defeats the dreaded kali age with his ki or chi.

The word avatar as in the Kalki avatar, may have an English meaning denoting the word “aviator, avain” etc, meaning to fly or bird.

Denoting that the Kalki avatar is Chal’chi aviator.

Words which denote “chi, ki or Qu” energy.

Quantum – qu, antum – (antum – ancient Egypt).
Danu – do, anu’s.
Dracula – do., ra.., cu.., la……
Rich – ri, chi.
Richard – Dick.
Riddick – ri, rid, dick, (double dd..).
Aquarius – a-qu, a-ri, is us. (water).
Anunaki – anu’s.., ki.

There are also many games throughout the world which suggest mastery of the chi or ki energies.

Stick and ball games suggest celibacy or sexual transmutation.

Cricket, hurling, hockey, rugby, football etc.

What are you essentially doing when you play these games?, only playing with your ball, while holding your stick.

Can you see the reference to sexual transmutation.

Civilisations all across the world played with balls and sticks, from the Azteks to the Indians, it symbolises celibacy and the success it can bring.

You can’t play the field or the game of life, until you master the stick and ball.

Field is green, love is green (chakra).

There are numerous references across the world which can help you understand, as to how to mend your brokenness.

Even the word “mend” can be broken down to re’Veal what it is you need to do to mend yourself.

Mend – “men” the “d” 😊 inside yourself.

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