3 am wake up call.! 👆

Waking up at 3 am and mirror images of ourselves.

Why am I waking up at 3 am and should I have went to sleep or should I be still dancing?.

Along my journey of fulfilment, focusing on my own life and entering into the awareness of the solar chakra and the myself.

I’m starting to notice how certain things which I thought were different are actually mirror images of each other and are actually the same thing only pointed in a different direction.

One such thing I have noticed is the Hebrew and Greek language’s.

Observe them here and notice how in particular the first four letters in their respective alphabets are spelt with the same letters, but are actually spelt in an opposite way.

I grew up assuming these languages were completely different as there writing styles would suggest, but they are actually mirror images of each other.

Greek – alpha, beta, gamma, delta.
Hebrew – alef, beit, gimel, dalet.

I noticed years ago how Islamic languages in particular were similar to music notation in the western world and that to understand the Middle and far Eastern languages, all you had to do was apply the same theory as you would to reading music.

Noting wave and dot positions and heights in respect to one another.

The fact that the Greek letters “alpha and beta”
are similar to the English word alphabet and this is the Greek alphabet I’m describing, denotes also a close relationship with which the Greek, Hebrew and English languages have with each other.

Lately I have been waking up at 3 am and I find myself stretching and feeling compelled to pray as their is a flood of energy going through me at this time and it seems to bring great feelings into my heart.

I believe that if you wake up at 3 am, that this is the best time to manifest, for when you feel it and can see what you want, it will come.

I noted as a child how Christian monks would wake up at unGodly hours to pray and meditate, but now realise that 3 am is God’s time.

All religious disciplines comment on spontaneously arising or awakening at this time and that it is actually something very natural which the nature spontaneously does.

I now am waking up at this time, but noticed at a wedding I was attending how we dance, drink and party until 3 am in the morning.

It was like in one moment I seen the mirror image of something with which I thought was just a trivial piece of entertainment or the holiest of practices.

The ritual, If you’d call it that of going out and drinking and dancing until 3 am is something akin to getting up at 3 am to perform yoga and meditation.

In my opinion the dance is yoga, the drink is derived from fruits and vegetables and the movement helps you meditate on this moment in time.

It was like the two practices were mirror images of one another, only one ended at 3 am while the other was just beginning at the same time.

I realised, at that moment in time that what I thought was this “holier that thow” spiritual experience, was actually me just coming back into sync with the party I had left so many years ago.

Within the dance and drinking, we were preparing ourselves for union with God and if you had performed the right practices.

Giving up your wants in each energy centre and deciding not to serve your own interests and letting go, then God’s love came through you at 3 am.


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