My new book, Me Dia.

I'm excited to reveal the launch of my latest book. This was a long time in the making, considering what to include in it. I have taken pictures of the contents of the book if anyone fancies a read. Books are available at AuthorHouse UK and soon available on amazon. Hope it is an enjoyable read.

Is the coronavirus sent from God?

Is this the final tribulation before we enter heaven or nirvana as it is written in far Eastern scriptures. Could the term "coronavirus" be a Hindu concept know as "croi-na-virus". "croi or Sri" meaning heart or core in irish or hindi. "croi-na-virus" meaning sickness of the heart. #Chronos #navirus, #coro #nirvana's, #croi #Coronavirus #sri #virus #nirvana #heaven #heart "Croi-nirv'anu's"

When does happiness happen.

When does happeness happen? When you are happy or in a state of happiness. 😊Ha-penis. When does your life happen, when do your dreams manifest or happen? To understand this scenario,we only need to break up the word "happiness". Happiness anagrams: Happiness, ha-penis, happen-ness, happening-ness. It is happening when you feel happiness. Manifest, mani-fast, mani-feast. … Continue reading When does happiness happen.

3 am wake up call.! 👆

Waking up at 3 am and mirror images of ourselves. Why am I waking up at 3 am and should I have went to sleep or should I be still dancing?. Along my journey of fulfilment, focusing on my own life and entering into the awareness of the solar chakra and the myself. I'm starting … Continue reading 3 am wake up call.! 👆