eternal love

Eternal love.

This time spent is eternal, these memories you create now are eternal.

Only now in this digital age, did you have the opportunity to take digital pictures with the people you love.

These pictures can exist anywhere in the universe.

Imagine a million years from now, you met someone you thought you had always known and you could find digital pictures from a million years ago to prove you were once together.

Only now could you create such a record of proof.

Social media has only been introduced to the world in 2005, and it has taken time for us to embrace the idea and begin to share our ideas.

On top of that we have been through one of the most turbulent times in history, with the 2008 financial crisis, and end of world prophecies surrounding the years 2008 – 2016.

I don’t know about you, but for me I’m only beginning to understand what is real and sustainable and I’m only beginning to find my power to focus on my own life now.

It is now I will ascend towards finding love and this love will be plastered all over social media.

Never will there be a time when I had a partner that I wanted to share so many memories with than now.

If you think about it, an eternal love was never going to happen until now.

Before in my life, the only thing I loved was architecture.

Now I understand myself better, and have the digital tools to portray who and what I love, in a way that has faced all challenges.

This is why, whatever or whoever I love from now on, is an eternal love.

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