That time is over.

That time is over, the time is now.

The time of the mind is over.

From the perspective of the ground, you are moving at the same speed as the planet.

But as you rise into the sky, your trajectory moves  relatively slower than the planet and as you ascend higher you are travelling slower than the planet.

At some point only the planet will be moving as you are in free fall in the sky. You will be in a state of motionless, or stillness relative to the speed of the planet.

It will almost feel like time has stopped, but it has only stopped relatively to the time you perceive that the planets time is.

Imagine that the planet is your body and the sky is your mind, so this analogy allows you to see how time can appear to slow down in ascension or spiritual terms.

The end of time will happen when your lower energy ascends into your mind.

Time in your body will still perform, but your mind won’t perceive past or future, only present, everything will be still.

You are here, you are present, you are.

Your lower life force has risen, and that time has begun.

You no longer listen to the passing motion of time, for you know there is no past or future, only the present.

Your creative, binding force is over your mind now.

Your whole eye has risen from below, from the mud, from the darkness, and is now present, in the here and now.

The eye that is your whole, The eye that is your whole eye, has risen.

That time is over, now is the time for the whole eye.

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