Native American seeds are Set.

Seth or Seed?

Seth has spread his seed.

While Native American tribes refer to God or spirit as grandfather.

The Bible says, in Genesis, and in luke 3:38, that Seth would be the grandson of God, therefor God is Seths grandfather.

Luke 3:38.

Chronicles book 1.

Did the biblical character Seth come from America?

Did he take the teachings from America and instill them across Europe, thousands of years ago?

The sun sets in the west, alluding to the idea that Seth came from the west.

I would surmise that the word Aztek, can be broken up to reveal A Sethek, Sethek is Seth in ancient Egypt.

I believe Seth did come America, and specifically from the Aztek world, took the term grandfather to mean God.

Migrated into Europe, particularly in Ireland and England, and translated his name Seth into Sethanta in the Irish mythology, and kukulkan who becomes Cuchuilain in Irish mythology.

Myth of Cuchuilain:

You can see that the word seth has the most amount of definitions in the English language, this is more than just a fitting coincidence.

Set the most English definitions:

Is Seth, A Sethek, or Aztek, did he bring the English language from America and create the alphabet A-Z from Aztek?

Seth in ancient Egypt is also the donkey, or dog headed God.

Sethek ancient Egypt.

This might give us a clue as to why Jesus rides a donkey, Jesus ministry is founded on the shoulders of the donkey, or Seth.

I would also suggest that the word  God is derived from the word dog, which also represents the dog headed God Seth In ancient Egypt.

If you think about it the only two animals that can walk on water are birds and Reptiles, alluding to the idea that Jesus is a bird / reptile or feathered serpent kukulkan.

Morning star:

Jesus – revelation 22:16

Lucifer – isaiah 14:12

In Latin the name Lucifer with a capital L renders to morning star, while the name Kukulkan is also referred to as the morning star.

Kukulkan or Seth migrated into Ireland, preserved his names within the Irish mythology of cuchuilan, whose childhood name is Sethanta, and whose father’s name is Lugh the god of the light or harvest.

Kukulkan, Seth(an), & lucifer, refers to

Cuchuilan, Sethanta & Lugh.

He took freemasonic pyramid teachings from the Aztek world and built NewGrange in Ireland and Stone Henge in England.

Think of the English expression “set in stone”, Seth is literally in the stone.

The feather serpent or the devil as faith alludes to him as, is in Ireland.

Wherein the name Set or Sethanta, would also help us understand as to where the name Santa comes from, or Sanathana Dharma which was an ancient name for faith in India.

Ancient swastikas:


Set the most English definitions:

Myth of Cuchuilain:

Sethek ancient Egypt:

Luke 3:38:

Chronicles book 1:

Revelation 22:16:

Isaiah 14:12:

Morning star Latin translation:

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