2019 in-tuition, understanding the seed.

2019 – intuitively understanding the seed.


Back in 2012 when my dreams started to come to life, and I started having vivid dreams of prophetic figures etc, and I started seeing flashing lights.

I intuitively came to understand that every number had a corresponding letter assigned to it.

I wasn’t sure of my intuition back in 2012, and just brushed it aside and didn’t give it much attention.

I am now realising in 2019 that my intuition was right and the articles I have posted prove it.

I realised that everything within the universe goes through a cyclical pregnancy period, which concludes a cycle through the numbers 0-9.

I realised that the numbers 2012 could form to create a picture of an eye, the numbers “2” connected the eye, like the upper and lower parts of an eye, and the “0” was at the centre with the “1” running through it.

2012 represented us connecting to our inner eye, and it started my inward journey and connection to my dreams.

0, is the empty womb or universe with nothing in it.

1, is for “I”, as in eye. It represents intuition, intellect ect, and the child beginning to develop in the womb or the consciousness within an empty universe.

2, represents a wave which is the thread which connects everything.

3, turned around made an “E”, which represented emotion and a stronger bond or thread than that of the 2.

4, represented a desire and an even stronger thread or bond.

5, represented awakening and the half way point between darkness and light.

6, represented the body, and its formation.

7, represented the spiritual development.

8, represented the infinity sign turned on its side, and signified blending of polar opposites to coexist, spiritual and physical.

9, was almost the completion of the pregnancy period, and the seeds of creation could begin to be seen.

What 2019 represented was “1” or “I”, as in intuition and “9”, for the seeds emergence.

2019 represented us intuitively, intellectualising the seed, and this has been what all my posts have been about in 2019.

I have written numerous posts since January 2019 on sexual transmutation and celibacy, and in doing so I am basically intuitively, understanding and intellectuallising the seeds of creation, as the numbers 2019 suggest.

2019 represents the end of our intellectual view of the world, we’ve done that and portrayed our understanding of life through whatever platform was available to us.

The time is now, because in no other time throughout mankind’s history could we express our spirits to the whole world only now, with the advent of the Internet.

Only now could our spirits assess all of reality on this planet and know then how to grow in light of all that it had taken in.

2020 marks the end of our intellectual expression of our reality, we are from now on going to connect to life outside of us, as one of the “0’s” is on the outside in 2020, as opposed to being inside in 2012 (ie inner intuition), 2021 (outer intuition).

The year’s 2010 – 2019 represented intuition and understanding and basically our heads probably got in the way throughout these years.

In 2020, this over intellectuallising everything will come to an end.

It will represent complete surrender and connection.

But I fear that 2020 could be a difficult year as the numbers within it suggest.

In 2020 it is true to say we will connect, but we are connecting to the “0’s” in 2020, which means connection to nothing, the empty womb or lifeless universe.

But out of 2020 and a realisation of connecting to nothingness, will come crystal clear vision, a 2020 vision if you’ll excuse the pun.

A vision will appear, nothing or nothingness will stand its way, the dillusion with which we fill our heads shall be no more, we will be clear to assess reality. The reality is a vision of hope.

There will be nothing or nothingness in our way, and we will have the chance to connect.

Intuition = in-tuition = inward learning.

7 thoughts on “2019 in-tuition, understanding the seed.

  1. Shani

    I feel I sort of connect the same. I started my blog in 2013, I didnt understand what I was feeling but I bounced it off biblical truths to keep myself grounded.

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    1. E-dawneye Post author

      I read your post “tree of life”,

      Your right, mankind wants to control, the sixth chakra is the mind and would represent control.

      The 7th chakra is the crown and represents complete surrender to the universe or God.


      1. Shani

        Thx, I took it down cause I dont know why God said that we should multiply if we were told that we would bring sin into the world if we would

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      2. E-dawneye Post author

        I think the sin is lustfull sex. People need to be celibate and let the sexual force rise into their hearts, and make love rather that just have sex.


      3. Shani

        Yeah maybe that is what it was.. I dunno. That messed me up when I read “be fruitful and multiply” because I felt so sure about everything else

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      4. E-dawneye Post author

        Celibacy can be a difficult process, because it’s going to bring up hurts and wounds to be dealt with.

        But once they are dealt with you start to feel love from being celibate.

        You meet people who love you, rather than people who just want to use you.


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