Wasted chi.

Why, at times you should waste your chi energy through sexual activity.



While being celibate, your going to realise how you can benefit from the celibacy process, and this is selfish, because your only choosing to be celibate to benefit yourself.

You will realise that you can benefit from being celibate, in a creative way, or in a way with which you perceive to be spiritual.

You can also benefit by transmutting feelings of ejaculation into good feelings inside yourself.

You may kid yourself and say that these new feelings inside me are spiritual and are therefor good, but your still selfish because you are enjoying the new feelings inside yourself.

At times it is necessary to almost waste the chi or life force energy, through sexual activity to prove to yourself that you have not chosen to be celibate to benefit yourself.

This process of celibacy should ascend and descend to reveal what is true and real on all levels.

Ascending and descending like a sive moving back and forth to reveal the purity in you.

Revealing inside you that your sack is real or sacreal, that Santa’s sack is real and he ascends and descends through the “chi”-mney in a spiritual sense, through the house that is you.

Unlocking doors within the house that is you, finding the keys, or chi’s needed to unlock you.


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