2019 in-tuition, understanding the seed.

2019 - intuitively understanding the seed. Back in 2012 when my dreams started to come to life, and I started having vivid dreams of prophetic figures etc, and I started seeing flashing lights. I intuitively came to understand that every number had a corresponding letter assigned to it. I wasn't sure of my intuition back … Continue reading 2019 in-tuition, understanding the seed.

all seeing eye freemason's

New world order

This new world which this video suggests we are moving into is of the sixth chakra or mind, as mesoamerican cultures, Azteks, Mayans etc suggest that as of 2012 we are moving from the 5th sun to the 6th sun, this means we are moving collectively, enmasse from the 5th or throat chakra into the 6th or brow chakra ie (mind). This means that globally the majority of people will now start to interpret their reality in a logical and rational way instead of a communicative way

Lamb of god

The Lamb of God

The lamb of God - who takes away the sins of the world. Rocky Mountain goat - Oreo amnos I came across something interesting recently and that was the "Rocky Mountain goat". It is also known as "Oreo Americanus" or "Oreo amnos". The latter is Greek and it means "Oreo - mountain", "amnos - lamb". It's fitting how this animal is found in America. I do believe that a lot of biblical imagery comes from the observation of the nature from ancient cultures long ago. That Satan comes from the Aztec or Mayan mythology.