The negative influence of the age of Aquarius and Satya Yuga.

It is said by many ancient cultures how our civilisation on-mass, would go through a major conscious and spiritual change, within this time, due to constellation alignments.

This has been said by such ancient traditions as the Mayans and Aztecs in ancient America, by the Hindu faith in India, to current Native American and Australasian tribes etc.

But has this age of spiritual and conscious change brought about a spirit of independence, of mindfulness, to the detriment of the spirit of connectedness, sharedness and love we used to have for each other.

This spirit of change was said to have been most significant within the years of 1984 and 1991, as it was prophesied how the spirit of Queatzalxoatl or Kukulkan in the ancient American pantheon would emerge within these years, to bring about knowledge, perhaps bringing about the rise of the whole techno era some of us were so fond of, with the rise of synthesiser sounds and rave discos.

Latin: (stellam matutinam), revelation 22:16, Isaiah 14:12.

Bringing about a whole world of change which a lot of people are now struggling with today.

And as we have become more aware of ourselves and our environment spiritually, we have come to notice how we behave like a colony of bees, interacting with each others thoughts, emotions, spirits etc.

This ideas is reflected upon within Ancient Hindu spiritual thought, how our thoughts and emotions are not our own, we are the mere vessels which carry them.

While the ancient monastic site of Skellig Michael, holds constructed dwellings built by an ancient monastic settlement, which are very similar in shape to beehive huts, this idea of how we behave as bees is also reflected within Vatican scripture as it has been known within the Vatican council how we behave like bees, with certain images placed within the Vatican of bees or bee like structures.

Describing an ever present message, which reflects an order of bees.

Latin: (ordo apium).

While some have done well in this era of change as they have sought to isolate themselves and live in remote places, such as forests, up mountains, in deserts etc.

Others have not been so fortunate, and have had to endure this whole change within a complex, social, emotional, mental and spiritual environment.

Becoming aware that the thoughts, emotions, spirits etc of there loved ones have perhaps at times been against them, within meditative, spiritual and prayer practice, not due to malice but due to a fear of change.

Negating each others abilities, stifling our true potential.

It is only in a heightened state of spiritual awareness that you become aware, how much our minds and hearts interact with each other, to the detriment or success of each other.

And yet throughout my own awakening, I have noticed how my independent thinking has lead me into isolation, seeking healing and advice which has only brought me further from life and into a world which is online.

For this I want to pray for the world, that the Holy Spirit awakens within us, making us aware of our need for change and connectedness.

For this world of online isolation we have become so used to, does not lead to a good place.

Only through sharing, connecting etc and communicating with the Holy Spirit, can we lead ourselves to freedom in all ways.

While reading the Bible I have noticed how this independent thinking has arose long ago, where it is reflected upon in the book of Daniel, with his vision of the Ram and Goat and the Hellenistic wars (Daniel 10) and the book of Maccabees, with the rise of the Greek general Alexander the Great and his partner the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, where both sought to carve out a new world, bringing forth the rise of Hellenistic views and leading us ever closer perhaps to isolation and Hell.

Rising up against the Jewish influence and against the Macca-bees.

Translating many of the Hebrew texts into Greek, negating their original translation.

And while independent thinking has its place, with the likes of Stoicism etc, it does lead us to isolation and independence.

Where the hearts and minds of individuals sense how each person only acts for oneself, impacting upon relationships, both in family, business etc.

Making life tougher for everyone.

And yet I feel hope, as the Holy Spirit becomes more present within me, I feel my heart becoming warmer.

Noticing how new friendships are blossoming, while an old self of logic, rational etc seems to be dieing.

Reflecting upon this inner death, I come to wonder how anyone could have trusted me, when at every interaction I sought to gain knowledge.

It is true what they say, only when you let go and let God, does your life truly blossom.


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