Fifth – sixth sun

The ancient pyramid cultures prophecies the coming and development of different worlds.

Ancient faiths prophecies the coming of different prophets and avatars.

Cultures, faiths and societies seem to be divided as to the true nature of what is prophesied and seem to be at odds with one another.

But what if there was a way to see what they all had in common.

If we could it might bring about its own problem and this view point which unites the world may be too simple and common for humanity to accept.

Nonetheless I do believe there is a way to see how all faiths, cultures and societies are actually saying the same thing, albeit in their own way.

Fifth sun
Ancient pyramid cultures comment on the rising of the fifth sun in 3113 BC, what if the fifth sun corresponded to the fifth chakra or energy centre and its activity and influence it would have in the world.

If we count from the root chakra up five places to the fifth chakra we come to the throat.

The throat chakra is bright blue in colour and would help us understand as to why Krishna is often depicted in a bright blue colour.

Krishna’s birth and influence coincides with the rising of the fifth sun in 3113 BC.

He was awakening in the throat to become communicative of his connection to the universe, awakening poetry, storytelling, sociology, psychology etc in him.

Krishna can also be seen playing a pipe, which is a musical instrument connected to the air and we breath air through our throats.

Krishna is also known to be the avatar or Vishnu, often avatars in Hindu mythology are also depicted as being bright blue, Vishnu, Brahma, Shiva etc, which would suggest a connection to the air or throat.

But could the word avatar have an origin in the English language and also suggest the air or throat?, could avatar be derived from the English word aviator, aviation, or avian?, meaning to fly or a bird which flies in the air, which again is associated with the throat, as we breath air through our throats.

Often gurus will talk about ascended masters taking the flight or their totem animal will be a bird, like a swan etc, suggesting their connection to the air and again the chakra associated with the air.

This also coincides with Celtic imagery of dragons breathing fire and the artists of such imagery may be commenting on activity which is happening inside them spiritually to be released through the throat, to bring language, communication etc.

The dragon also flies in the air and is also often called Leviathan in the bible, which might originate from the word levitate, which is done in the air, again a reference to the fifth or throat chakra.

In the first book of the bible the book of Genesis it can be read that God begins to name everything, this also may conjure up ideas of awakening communicatively to bring language in to the world and again an awakening of the throat or fifth chakra as the fifth sun rises.

6000 year awakening.
Christians believe the world came into existence 6000 years ago, something which scientific and rational minds seem to refute.

But what if the creation of the world was not a physical creation of sorts, rather an awakening to realise that the world existed.

The universe and world may have existed for billions of years and may always just exist, but from each individual’s perspective it only just begun the day they born.

Even when you go to sleep you become unconscious of the worlds existence and when you wake up you become conscious realising again that the world exists.

5000 – 6000 years ago the universe awoke in the throat as the fifth sun rose to realise and communicate its existence through someone who loved everything, bringing forward the rise of complex communication.

Fifth root race
The fifth or throat chakra being bright blue is the same colour as the lower part of the sky or air and we breath air through our throat.

There is a big association between the throat and the air.

This may help us understand why it is believed that the fifth root race are here and are the most dominant race on the planet.

The fifth root race are awakened in the fifth chakra or throat.
They are communicators, politicians, socialites, poets, musicians etc.

This is also the reason that the fifth root race are called Aryan and what the word Aryan means is (air or rain), signifying there connection to the air or rain and there awakening in the chakra which is the same colour and associated with the air and that is the throat.

Now we live in a world dominated by mass media, politics, socialism etc all signs of the influence of the fifth or throat chakra.

Sixth sun.
As much as it may shock scientific and rational minds when they here Christians say that the world is only 6000 years old, it may even shock you to here that Gurus and monks believe that the world only came into existence in 2012.

Ancient pyramid cultures Also say that we moved into the sixth sun in 2012 and in some way the two cultures are saying the same thing.

The sixth sun is influencing the sixth chakra, which is the mind and now the Christ will awaken in the mind making the universe fully conscious of its own existence.

This sixth sun will also bring about the beginning of the sixth root race whom will awaken to express the universe or gods existence in a logical and rational way rather than a communicative way through story and entertainment as it has been previous.

The worlds.
It is prophesied that four worlds have come into existence and then have been destroyed, either through a war like situation or a cataclysmic disaster.

The four worlds have developed the same way our first four chakra’s have developed.

Notice the first four chakra’s are in the body and therefor are physical in nature and this is the reason the conflict in the end was physical.

Now notice the fifth or throat chakra, it’s the first chakra that isn’t in the body and therefor isn’t directly connected to the physical world.

The conflict at the end of the fifth sun and throughout this current fifth world will largely be communicative and will not be as much a physical conflict as the end of the previous first four worlds.

This is why Jesus prophesied his return now, and the coming of the eternal kingdom because this world is dominated by communication and people who have awoken in the heart before that, who love one another.

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