🎶Hurian hymm of Humarun🎵…

🎵”Hurian hymm” of “Humarun”🎶 …


Dreaming of a white bird, like the one in the opening picture, it woke up and chanted 🎵 “Humarun”🎶 , similar to this “hurian hymm” only the other way round.

The chant was for clarity in the night or in darkness.

Weird 😂.

Something like this happened years ago, where I was dreaming of bombs being thrown and popping sounds in my head for weeks, then the word “fogma” came in a dream.

Funnily enough when I googled “fogma” I found the band “Groove Armada” had made a song with this name and the lyrics are “bomb d bomb, the one ton bomb” 😊.


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