What if God doesn’t speak English?

What if God doesn’t speak English?

This obelisk is an erection, it is a euphemism or metaphor for celibacy or sexual transmutation.


The erection of the obelisk…

It stands upright and erect.

You must maintain this erection.!

This erection is often found beside water, beside either man-made lakes or natural rivers and lakes, which denotes the importance of water and why water may be revered as being holy throughout Christian faith.

Observe the image above and ponder as to what happens over a period of time when you maintain this erection, while drinking water.

A language emerges out and up the erection.
Remember this is a metaphor or euphemism for what is happening inside us.

The language which rises up the erection is not English, and this is why I made the statement above, what if God doesn’t speak English?

Upon our journey towards God a language may be revealed which we are unfamiliar with, this is God’s language.

The language rises to a pyramidal structure at the top, which at first glance looks like a triangle with 3 points, but is actually a pyramid with 5 points.

Could this pyramidal construction on top represent chakra’s or energy centres in Indian and Buddhist philosophy and denotes the connection the 3rd chakra has with the 5th.

How we drink water though the 5th chakra or throat and yet it does not enter the 4th chakra or heart, rather it enters the 3rd or solar plexus chakra, hence the 3 or 5 in 1, or the 3:5 ratio throughout creation.

The heart or 4th chakra is the centre of the human self and its dimension may be the centre of our universe, the 3rd and 5th chakra are either side of the centre and are perfect opposites of the universal self.

You may find significant things happening in your life at 35.

So when you begin to awaken be prepared for a language with which you have never seen before.

Another number which I noticed was important within the structure of our universe, whether it is in music, electronics, Freemasonry etc, is the number 27.

27 is found throughout creation and runs through solfegio harmonics.

147 + 27 = 174
258 + 27 = 285
369 + 27 = 396
417 + 27 = 444 + 27 = 471
528 + 27 = 555 + 27 = 582
639 + 27 = 666 + 27 = 693
714 + 27 = 741
825 + 27 = 852
936 + 27 = 963

Above it can be observed how when you add 27 to a solfegio frequency it’s combinational opposite becomes the result.

There are 26 letters in the alphabet, and yet it has been postulated that there is a 27th letter in the alphabet and it is “&”, so even with some stories and manuscripts across the world an extra chacter is added to make a 27 letter alphabet.

2 and 7 would represent the 2nd and 7th chakra, which would almost represent opposites of one another.

The number 27 and 35 when found together brings together some interesting opposite forces merging together as one, a 3 in 1.

27 and 35 may represent unity as there are also 7 numbers between them, representing 7 chakras.

I would surmise that the word “Aztec” is where English is derived and it means “a to z of tec”, or 27 Tech or teach.

Ancient Egypt is then associated with 3 and 5 as the completed  pyramidal structure suggests.

27 and 35 represent two opposites merging together as one, the Aztek or the west, merging with ancient Egypt or the east.

Combining a language which has been present and yet lost since time has begun, a language which may seem baffling to most but is infact God’s true tongue and the tongue with which God prefers to speak in.

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