Through action we conquer death…

  I want to share a recent dream I had, two separate dreams in the one night, but both dreams had an elephant in them. I never dream of the same image twice, so this dream is significant, as for the first time an image in the form of an elephant had appeared twice. This … Continue reading Through action we conquer death…


Ebook: “Therecteoin”

This book is a celebration of erections across the world, in whatever shape or form the erection takes, whether it is a piece of architecture, an artwork, a temple etc. Here is an explanation of why architectural and artistic erections are so important and why they have been celebrated and revered since time has begun. This book also recounts poetic work, and poems and stories which are written about famous erections. Across the world erections can be seen, from obelisks and pyramids in ancient Egypt, to temples across Asia and India.

When does happiness happen.

When does happeness happen? When you are happy or in a state of happiness. 😊Ha-penis. When does your life happen, when do your dreams manifest or happen? To understand this scenario,we only need to break up the word "happiness". Happiness anagrams: Happiness, ha-penis, happen-ness, happening-ness. It is happening when you feel happiness. Manifest, mani-fast, mani-feast. … Continue reading When does happiness happen.

Self service digital OPT

Digital advance. 

Digital advance and the awakening of the mind or sixth chakra as the 6th sun rises.

This 6th sun has been predicted for thousands of years and will bring the awakening of the 6th chakra, which is logical, rational, visual etc.

Solfeggio calculations

Solfeggio numbers: 147, 174, 417, 471, 741, 714. 258, 285, 582, 528, 825, 852. 369, 396, 639, 693, 936, 963.   Solfeggio numbers are found throughout the universe, they are numbers found when calculating the harmonics of the nature for example, they are constant mathematical numbers within the core structure of the universe. The combinations … Continue reading Solfeggio calculations