Kemetic symbolism.!

Symbols of kemet.!   Alkhemia.!     There is similar symbolism around the world, meaning the same thing.!

Self service digital OPT

Digital advance. 

Digital advance and the awakening of the mind or sixth chakra as the 6th sun rises. This 6th sun has been predicted for thousands of years and will bring the awakening of the 6th chakra, which is logical, rational, visual etc.

Solfeggio calculations

Solfeggio numbers: 147, 174, 417, 471, 741, 714. 258, 285, 582, 528, 825, 852. 369, 396, 639, 693, 936, 963.   Solfeggio numbers are found throughout the universe, they are numbers found when calculating the harmonics of the nature for example, they are constant mathematical numbers within the core structure of the universe. The combinations … Continue reading Solfeggio calculations