Indigenous disbelief

I believe you, because your broken.

Your purpose is to be beaten and broken, and I see that now.

If I could observe that you had anything left to cling to, material, land, pride etc.

I woudnt have believed what you were portraying.
I would have said that person or tribe is colluding with others, and it’s all one big media game which only benefits the elite.

But because I can see that you had everything taken from you, I now trust and believe in what you say and do.

And its only because your broken and stripped of everything that I believe you.

You are the truth. the way,  and the light.

I’m talking about all the indigenous cultures across the world,  who had everything taken from them and in a funny twist of faith they’re the only ones I believe, trust and observe.

Their dancing is movement, it is yoga, Thai chi, martial arts etc.

Their chanting is praying, singing, music, frequencies, wavelengths.

I trust that your dancing and chanting is not trivial, only a piece of media to be enjoyed.

But is that which helps to heal everything.

Do you see that your purpose was to be stripped of everything, because only then would the world trust and believe your wisdom.

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