The flags creative heart.

It is interesting to observe the colour of the flags of Ireland and india, and their similarities.

Could the derivation of the colours of these flags have the same origin.

In earlier posts, I alluded to the idea that the heart is represented by the colours green and white, from a spiritual or faith based perspective.

Could the colour choices for these flags have the same origins?

Could the colours green and white in these flags represent the heart, and the colour gold or orange represent celibacy or sexual transmutation.

The green and white is the croi, core, Sri or Christ, and the orange represents the celibacy process which is undertaken to awaken the heart, so as it can be charged with the green and white light, to create and consume the bread or fruits from the tree of life.

Ireland and india are the heart, the green, white and gold, or the green, white and orange.

Green and white, representing heart, orange or gold representing celibacy and sexual transmutation.

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