Light of the heart

In earlier post’s I have alluded to the idea that the heart is represented as either the colour green or white in early cultures and faiths.

In a solar sense, the sun changes its colour from red, orange, yellow to white as it makes its ascent through the sky.
Representing the sequence of colours the chakras have and the affect colour and light have on them.

But in an earthly sense the chakra colour sequence can be observed as we move up from the red earth, to the orange sand, clay, mud etc, yellow and green vegetation, to the bright blue and indigo sky.

Eventually reaching the violet space at the planets upper atmosphere.

Chakra colour sequence: red, orange, yellow, green (white), bright blue, indigo, violet.

The heart either represents the green vegetation on our planet, vegetarian, fruitarian, bread diets etc, but the heart also represents the white light of Christ, the son of man or the sun of man and the white bread of life.

What is interesting to observe, is that in the Irish language, the word for sun is “Grian”, which one might surmise is similar to the word Green in English, and we have observed above the link with which the heart has with the white light of the sun and the green vegetation on our planet.


Have some languages evolved from the observation of the sun’s transit and its effect on the human self, while other languages have developed from the observation of the earthly images?.

Describing the processes which happen inside us through images, pictographs, hieroglyphs of the images on the earth or the image of the transit of the sun.

Irish word for sun “Grian”.

The chakra associated with the white light of the sun is the heart, which is also depicted as the colour green. Similar to the word “Grian”, which means sun in irish.

Derivation and linguistic deviation of the word “Green”.

The word “Green” in my opinion has changed throughout history and throughout languages, to change its shape and meaning into the words I have outlined below.


Green, Ge-reen, je-reen, I-reen, Er’Reen, ER’RE. = sun.

“G” has changes to “j” or “je”, and has changed again to “I, or eye” in French.

The word “Green” has deviated linguistically from its origin to the word “ER’RE” as outlined above.

It is also interesting to observe, that the word for love in irish is “Gra”, which isnt to far from the word “Green”.

Which as I have outlined above is the colour associated with the heart.

The green son of ancient Egypt.

The ancient Egyptian god Osiris, is also often depicted with having green skin, with the outline of black around him.

He is also often dressed in white, depicting the idea that he was the Christ in ancient Egypt, he was the white and green light of the heart.

Practices of the cult or faith of Osiris are often similar to practices observed in Christianity.

Worshippers of Osiris often drank beer and broke bread at ceremonies.

Osiris is also depicted as the god of agriculture in ancient Egypt, depicting that it was he as the rising sun, who created the white bread of life.

It can also be observed that “Osiris” name can also render to “O-Sir-rise” and that he was the original “sir” who was rising as the sun rose.

And as he rose, his sun or son rose with him, inside him.
Osiris the rising sun, waited for the “hour” for his son “Horus” the risen son, to take birth.

The word “risen or raisen” bread may also be derived from the making of the bread of life, with the practices of the cult of O’Siris.

As the wheet or maize for making bread is created by the sun as it rises.

Osiris name could also render to Sri, Crio, or Christ, the rising son who waited for the colours of the rising sun to awaken the creative waters of dawn to awaken within him, so he could ascend in an embrace of love to unite with his lover Isis, so she could birth the risen son, or sun “Horus”.

Birthing the balance between the rising sun “Osiris” and the setting sun “Seth”.

Erecting the solar golden phallus, and dawning the creation of the golden age of aquarius.

What colour is the sun at dawn?, my love, my Gra, my Grian, green sun, my green son.

It’s colour’s will aid your ascent.



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