The Rising.

The white disc.

Many ancient Egyptian gods can be seen in pictures and images with red or orange discs above their heads, representing the rising of creative or sexual forces above their heads and above their animal nature’s.

sacred fire in christ's heart

sacred fire in Christ’s heart

But notice images of Christ in Christianity, Christ also has a disc above his head in many images, but it is not red.

It is in fact white, representing the full spectrum of light. Christ does not advocate worshipping one spectrum or wavelength of light, like the ancient Egyptians did.

Christ advocates to take all the spectrums of colour in, and worship everything.

Do not divide and only worship one colour, rather unite all and worship every colour.

It can also be observed in Christian mass, how a priest raises the white bread of life above his head in ritualistic ceremony.

The raising of such bread above one’s head, also would resemble the raising of a disc, and would give spiritual significance to the raising of compassionate life forces within one’s self.

To be kind towards life, and to fast before consuming the bread of life or Eucharist.

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