The colours of ancient past.

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Analyse this image for a moment and notice the colours sekmet is wearing and the colours surrounding her.


Her dress is orange, which represents sacral creative, sexual, animal forces from an Indian spiritual perspective.

The fact that the disc above her head is orange too, represents the rising of these sexual forces to become celibate.

Her body is yellow, representing the solar plexus in Indian philosophy, her head is then green.

The rising of the colour sequence sekmet is wearing and is, is in similar sequence to that with which the chakras rise in an Indian spiritual sense.

The colour green represents the heart and Christ, and the fact that her head is green could represent Christ consciousness, the same Christ consciousness with which Nikola Tesla was referring to.

Sekmet with red or orange disc above her head, represents the ancient Egyptians role In providing the roots or foundations of our civilizations.

For ancient Egyptians it seemed to be all about colour.

What colour represented and how it effected them.

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