Indo Indian’s.

While reading the book “the 6th sun 2012 – 2021” it’s interesting to observe how Indians in America describe awakening in terms of blossoming, within the Hindu faith in India awakening is depicted with images of flowers, like they were blossoming. These cultures have similar interpretations on the nature of spiritually even though they exist on different continents, there is a reason they’re both called Indians.

It is interesting to observe how within the Hindu culture a description of awakening emerges and portrays it in terms of flowers or lotus leaves opening up inside, how flowers are carnations, could an “incarnation” be an inward flower?

What would come from a dark era as in kali Yuga, only a white incarnation or flower.

When we reach the full heights of Satya Yuga, an era of light, there will come a dark incarnation and various shades and colours In between, as they say it’s all relative or connected.

The word “Dia” means light or day in Spanish and Portuguese and also God in Irish.

Wherein a belief did form that there once was an ancient link between Ireland and India and that the word “India” actually meant “one God”, “one light” or “one day”.

Ein means one in German,
Aon means one in irish.

Believing that the word “Irish” has the same origin as the word “sri” or “rishi” in India.

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