Big bang.

Mystical interpretation…

Buddhist, Sanskrit and Hindu Scriptures describe the awakening of our spiritual nature in terms of flowers opening or blossoming within, The Author and Mayan mystic Sergio Magana also describes in his book “The 6th sun, 2012 – 2021”, how our spiritual awakening is akin to flowers blossoming within. These cultures and spiritual groups are founded on different continents and yet describe awakening in similar ways.

If we are to awaken spiritually like flowers blossoming within us, we might conclude that a carnation is a flower and therefor an incarnation is an inward flower, that the Buddha is the bud within which emerges from the soil to incarnate and create a new creation..

And just like we have seasons within our planet, we also have seasons within our Galaxy, emerging from the darkest season at the closing of Kali Yuga in 2008, a white Avatar or Buddha would incarnate, and all various shades of incarnations would manifest thereafter.

Sergio Magaña “Ocelocoyotl” is a world-renown mystic, healer, and teacher of the Nahuatl tradition, who gives a detailed description of Heaven and how the subtle energetic lifeforms within our Universe play an effect on the unfolding of our spiritual awakening and also describes techniques with which we can apply to aid an easing of our awakening, applying in particularly breathing techniques.

Magana makes reference to the idea that approaching 2012 and a perceived end of the world and the end to old ways due to a Galactic shift, that we once lived in what ancient Mesoamericans called the 5th sun and approaching 1991 the 6th sun was beginning to emerge preceding the birth of Kukulkan the feathered serpent in 1984.

The influence of the 5th sun would then completely dissipate as we approached the year 2021, emerging into the illumination of the consciousness, the return of Christ and a 2020 vision of clarity from the Mayan crystal skulls, where all would see clarity within their own consciousness.

Where humanity witnessed within the emergence of the year 2020 a global pandemic, due to an outbreak of Coronavirus, wherein we entered the light of the yellow sun or “Corona” and humanities entrance into the solar plexus, igniting the flame within and an awakening of chemistry between twin flames. Preceding the awakening from the root in 2012 and ascending like a sun within, raising the vibration of all life on our planet and entering the solar plexus in 2019, where are hearts were to be purified within the flame of Christ and thereby entering Christ consciousness.

Reflecting upon an ever increasing pandemic which emerged within the year 2020, called the Coronavirus and noting how the name chosen for this pandemic also describes a region of our sun or our solar system, it is interesting to note how the words “Corona” or “Coronation” may also stem from the words carnation or incarnation, and how a coronation is the act of placement or bestowal of a crown upon a monarch’s head.

The term Coronation generally refers not only to the physical crowning but to the whole ceremony wherein the act of crowning occurs, along with the presentation of other items of regalia, marking the formal investiture of a monarch with regal power.

The correlation between terms noted here and events pertaining to spiritual phenomena and its impact upon our planet, may signifying a direct correlation between a vibrational shift within our Galaxy and events pertaining to the ascension of life within.

It may be postulated that the crown placed upon Christs head which was not one of glamour, rather a crown of thorns which he took upon himself for our sins, may signify a spiritual crown of the solar plexus, for it is the solar plexus we associate with the womb and the creation of the child within, particularly denoting the son and its connection to the sun, sin, the 3rd eye, the mind and thoughts.

The Hindu word for the Solar plexus is “mani-pura”, we may postulate the idea that the English language has borrowed linguistic influence from ancient Indian languages and vice versa and how the word “Mani-pura” may have been introduced into the English dictionary taking the words “man”, reflecting upon the idea that it is within the sacral that we feel like children but it is within the solar plexus where we begin to focus on ourselves and feel like a man or woman.

We can reflect upon the idea that the word son and man have three letters to portray a connection with the third chakra or solar plexus, which is where the phrase “Son of man” has come from within Biblical scriptures, denoting that the arrival of the son of man within end times prophecies happens when the solar plexus begins to open up due to the Galactic shift.

The Corona within the solar plexus is where life begins, particularly the life of plants within a garden, this beginning of life within this Garden is congruent within the description within the Garden of Eden, within the beginning of the Bible, again we may note the description within Buddhists and Hindu texts and how it describes our spiritual awakening in terms of flowers or in-carnations blossoming within, how this description is cognate with a similar description of carnations blossoming within the Garden of Eden within the book of Genesis.

  • Coronation rendering to “Corona Nation”, Nation of the sun or the solar nation…
  • Corona meaning the rarefied gaseous envelope of the sun and other stars…

The word Coroner describes someone who pronounces death, it is fitting how we have discovered above that the Corona of the sun and its association with the solar plexus gives life, intertwining within a never-ending cosmic cycle of life and death.

 [D1]This description of awakening and blossoming spiritually, describes the beginning within a garden and is reminiscence with the Bible story of the Garden of Eden.

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