Waking up with Jesus…

Thinking of the idea of the second coming of Christ, how the second is synonymous with time and perhaps being in tune with time, waking up at the right times to connect to the universe or God.

We might surmise that the second coming is also associated with the number 2 and a 2 AM wake up call.

Revelation 22:16 , is a passage within the Bible where Jesus declares himself the morning star. The planet venus is also known as the morning star as it appears like a star rising in the morning due to its closeness to the sun and a reflection from the suns light makes it appear as if it is a star.

The planet venus rises between 2 and 5 hours before the rising of the sun, before twilight which would suggest 2 – 5 AM in the morning depending on the time of year and the angle or orientation of planet earth.

The second as in the number 2, may also suggest why it is believed the second coming of Christ shall be throughout the years 2020 – 2021 – 2022.

Be ready and awake at 2 AM within these years, for if you are still thinking of low vibrational thoughts, Christ will pass through you and his efforts to work within you shall be fruitless…

The year 2020 when added together 20 + 20 = 40, brings about the number 40, as in 40 days Jesus was tempted, 40 days of floods in Noahs time, 40 years the Jews wondered as nomads.

4 seasons in the year encircling like a “0”, as sense of completion, wholeness or emptyness within the “0”..

In 2020 a 2020 vision of clarity shall come upon you within, be awake lest the Devil convinces you that your life is only a dream, for he shall say unto you, you were asleep.

The word AMEN may also suggest an early rise, for when this word is broken up and it is assumed that the letter “M” appears twice, the word “AM-MEN” is revealed, suggesting that AMEN are the AM MEN, the men of the morning star..

The path of the planet Venus in the years 2020 to 2021…


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