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Big bang.

Mystical interpretation…

Buddhist, Sanskrit and Hindu Scriptures describe the awakening of our spiritual nature in terms of flowers opening or blossoming within, The Author and Mayan mystic Sergio Magana also describes in his book “The 6th sun, 2012 – 2021”, how our spiritual awakening is akin to flowers blossoming within. These cultures and spiritual groups are founded on different continents and yet describe awakening in similar ways.

If we are to awaken spiritually like flowers blossoming within us, we might conclude that a carnation is a flower and therefor an incarnation is an inward flower, that the Buddha is the bud within which emerges from the soil to incarnate and create a new creation..

And just like we have seasons within our planet, we also have seasons within our Galaxy, emerging from the darkest season at the closing of Kali Yuga in 2008, a white Avatar or Buddha would incarnate, and all various shades of incarnations would manifest thereafter.

Sergio Magaña “Ocelocoyotl” is a world-renown mystic, healer, and teacher of the Nahuatl tradition, who gives a detailed description of Heaven and how the subtle energetic lifeforms within our Universe play an effect on the unfolding of our spiritual awakening and also describes techniques with which we can apply to aid an easing of our awakening, applying in particularly breathing techniques.

Magana makes reference to the idea that approaching 2012 and a perceived end of the world and the end to old ways due to a Galactic shift, that we once lived in what ancient Mesoamericans called the 5th sun and approaching 1991 the 6th sun was beginning to emerge preceding the birth of Kukulkan the feathered serpent in 1984.

The influence of the 5th sun would then completely dissipate as we approached the year 2021, emerging into the illumination of the consciousness, the return of Christ and a 2020 vision of clarity from the Mayan crystal skulls, where all would see clarity within their own consciousness.

Where humanity witnessed within the emergence of the year 2020 a global pandemic, due to an outbreak of Coronavirus, wherein we entered the light of the yellow sun or “Corona” and humanities entrance into the solar plexus, igniting the flame within and an awakening of chemistry between twin flames. Preceding the awakening from the root in 2012 and ascending like a sun within, raising the vibration of all life on our planet and entering the solar plexus in 2019, where are hearts were to be purified within the flame of Christ and thereby entering Christ consciousness.

Reflecting upon an ever increasing pandemic which emerged within the year 2020, called the Coronavirus and noting how the name chosen for this pandemic also describes a region of our sun or our solar system, it is interesting to note how the words “Corona” or “Coronation” may also stem from the words carnation or incarnation, and how a coronation is the act of placement or bestowal of a crown upon a monarch’s head.

The term Coronation generally refers not only to the physical crowning but to the whole ceremony wherein the act of crowning occurs, along with the presentation of other items of regalia, marking the formal investiture of a monarch with regal power.

The correlation between terms noted here and events pertaining to spiritual phenomena and its impact upon our planet, may signifying a direct correlation between a vibrational shift within our Galaxy and events pertaining to the ascension of life within.

It may be postulated that the crown placed upon Christs head which was not one of glamour, rather a crown of thorns which he took upon himself for our sins, may signify a spiritual crown of the solar plexus, for it is the solar plexus we associate with the womb and the creation of the child within, particularly denoting the son and its connection to the sun, sin, the 3rd eye, the mind and thoughts.

The Hindu word for the Solar plexus is “mani-pura”, we may postulate the idea that the English language has borrowed linguistic influence from ancient Indian languages and vice versa and how the word “Mani-pura” may have been introduced into the English dictionary taking the words “man”, reflecting upon the idea that it is within the sacral that we feel like children but it is within the solar plexus where we begin to focus on ourselves and feel like a man or woman.

We can reflect upon the idea that the word son and man have three letters to portray a connection with the third chakra or solar plexus, which is where the phrase “Son of man” has come from within Biblical scriptures, denoting that the arrival of the son of man within end times prophecies happens when the solar plexus begins to open up due to the Galactic shift.

The Corona within the solar plexus is where life begins, particularly the life of plants within a garden, this beginning of life within this Garden is congruent within the description within the Garden of Eden, within the beginning of the Bible, again we may note the description within Buddhists and Hindu texts and how it describes our spiritual awakening in terms of flowers or in-carnations blossoming within, how this description is cognate with a similar description of carnations blossoming within the Garden of Eden within the book of Genesis.

  • Coronation rendering to “Corona Nation”, Nation of the sun or the solar nation…
  • Corona meaning the rarefied gaseous envelope of the sun and other stars…

The word Coroner describes someone who pronounces death, it is fitting how we have discovered above that the Corona of the sun and its association with the solar plexus gives life, intertwining within a never-ending cosmic cycle of life and death.

 [D1]This description of awakening and blossoming spiritually, describes the beginning within a garden and is reminiscence with the Bible story of the Garden of Eden.

dawn rising...


dawn rising...


Many dreams have pointed me towards a spiritual origin, one such dream I had in December 2019 was of God descending from a mountain.

I became very worried in this dream, and was almost getting very upset by God’s descent.

I had started to spontaneously wake up at 3 am in the morning at this time and there seems to be a lot of energy running through me at this time.

I normally stretch to releive this pent up energy.

I realised that my awareness had been shifting into the solar plexus over the last few months, as i now see a yellow sun rising in my dreams.

Since 2012 I have been awakening and this has sparked very vivid dreams and visions inside me.

Back in 2012 I intuitively came to understand that we had a beginning and an end.

Because we moved from one cycle, which was the kali Yuga in hindu spiritual philosophy, which is like a dark or iron age and that kali age was coming to a close in 2008.

At that time the world would have been obsessed over material possessions and sexual gratification.

At that time I intuitively came to understand that the root chakra represents the material of this earth.

So as we were exiting kali yuga in 2008, it was the end of the world, because we were leaving the awareness of the root or material, and this represented worldly things.

So it was the end of the world, but we also entered back into the world’s awareness through the root and entered into a new galactic cycle called Satya yuga or a golden age of aquarius

We were exiting and entering the awareness of the root chakra, which meant a beginning and an end to worldly, material things and a beginning and end to the world.

But now in 2019, 7 years later our vibration has increased through the root and sacral chakra to awaken the solar plexus chakra.

The sacral chakra represents anything which lies or crawls on the ground, it is associated with sexuality.

A child is created through sexual Union, a child crawls on the ground or you perform a sexual act while perhaps lieing down on the ground.

Anything which lies or crawls on the ground represents the sexual, creative level.

Examples include, clay, soil, water, ants, scorpions, snakes, beetles etc represent the sacral level, in a tribal or a cultural sense and even in an ancient egyptian sense.

The root and sacral are the physical part with which we are exiting in 2019.

From 2012 I would have deamt of flashing lights, then a red sun rising in 2014, an orange sun in 2016 and now a yellow sun in 2019.

This is akin to a sun rising inside me which is affecting the vibration of every chakra, from the root to the heart.

At the beginning I saw flashing lights and didn’t realise what they were, every time I would close my eyes I would see lights flashing.

This was akin to twilight, when the sun starts to rise, before you realise it is a sun.

When the sun came up it was a red colour, which made me focus on the root and people of the earth and root cultures.

Then in 2016 an orange sun came up in my dream, which made me focus on the sacral, which meant focusing on the place I was born, my family and my community etc.

As my awareness moved into the sacral chakra, I intuitively started making videos about things to do with this chakra, which meant talking and writing about celibacy and sexual transmutation.

But In 2019 I seen a yellow sun emerge and this is to do with the solar plexus and I reaslied that those who are awakening have been focused on the root and sacral chakras, which means their awareness has been focused on others of the earth and the people with which they were born with or grew up with.

Now in 2019 as those who are awakening shift their awareness into the solar plexus by abstaining and by the higher vibrations of the galaxy, that they will begin to focus on their own lives and on themselves and will no longer project their focus on to others and this is why in 2019 it is also seen as an end to the world.

Because those who were trying to help the world will no longer do this, all they could have done has been done.

Unfortunately if humanity has not listened, then the end is near.

I notice myself now in 2019 focusing on myself rather that on others, which is a welcoming sign for me as I felt like my life was on hold for the last 7 years and devoted to others.

I look in the mirror a lot more since my solar plexus has begun to open, I appreciate myself more.

My awareness has shifted towards myself, but I also have an interest in helping the light workers now, where as before I would have souly focused my energy on my family and others of my community and of the earth.

Now my awareness is shifted souly on myself and one thing I noticed when my awareness was in the sacral chakra was that I felt like a child as it is within the sacral chakra the child is created, so it is only fitting that you mature or become a man or woman within the solar plexus.

This may also be what the bible is saying, that their is 7 years tribulation and it has been 7 years from 2012 to 2019, since the beginning of the end and 2019 is now the end of the world again.

So 2019 is the end where the light workers begin to fucus their energy on themselves and each other., instead of the world.

So this is the end and my dream of God coming down from the mountain is very significant aswell at this moment, while i sensed that God was descending as I dreamt of looking up to a mountain and feeling, there was God.

I predicted that things would really change in 2020 as they had with a global lock down due to an outbreak of the coronavirus.

Something worth noting about the numbers in the years from 2010 to 2019, was that there was a “1” in them and I feel that the “1” represents an “I” for intuition.

Which meant within these years we were intuitively understating our world, but this also meant that our heads or our minds got in the way of this awakening process.

I had intuitively understood in 2012, that the universe goes through something akin to a pregnancy period.

“0’s” represent the empty womb or Universe, the “1’s” represents intuition, intellect or consciousness inside the womb.

The “2” is like a wave which connects the two.

Each number represents a cycle with which the Universe is going through.

The “9” is the eventual seed or sprout emerging.

2019 represented “1” for intellect, intuitively intellectualising the seed, basically understanding fertility, sexual sublimation, transmutation etc.

But in 2020 you have two “2’s” and two “0’s”, which represents connecting to the “0’s”, empty womb or universe.

It is fitting how the womb is part of the solar plexus.

In 2019 the “1” represented the mind trying to understand this process, but the mind was getting in the way.

But in 2020 there is no “1”, no mind interfering. In 2020 there will be a great clearing, a crystal clear or 2020 vision will appear and it is fitting how Mayans comment on the crystal skull for the year 2020.


But I also feel that 2020 could be a year of great emptiness and loneliness as the “0’s” suggest, but it can also represent clarity.

What I learnt from my awareness within the root and sacral chakras, while they were awakening, was the similarities all cultures, faiths and societies had in their expression of sound, whether they chant, sing, pray, play musical instruments, bowls, bells etc.

It all represented sound to me, and how they all attributed their success to their sexual energy and that to attain what you wanted in life, you had to abstain.




Book – Me Dia.

This section explores the idea that Irish Bards and Druids have thought the world and much like we have monks in Christianity and Buddhism and Guru’s in India teaching the world today, within the ancient world were Bards who travelled the world teaching humanity.

This book reflects upon the idea of how certain peoples, are connected to a cosmic cycle which enlightens them within bringing them back to the truth and God, while reflecting upon my awakening and recounting this journey of discovery I became convinced that the island of Ireland lay very close to a once known ancient global trading center or civilization named Atlantis or the land of Punt as the ancient Egyptians knew it and that some Irish were also connected to this cosmic cycle enlightening them within, bringing new ideas and technologies into the world and reestablishing old knowledge and languages which had been forgotten.

While observing maps of the supercontinent Pangaea, it is interesting to see how the world looked 200 million years ago, wherein if we consider that the pyramid cultures in Africa and Meso-America existed over 200 million years ago, we find that all the pyramids are beside the ocean in these maps.

We could conclude that these cultures are this old, while they all worship some sort of reptile within their pantheons, much like how we today worship the image of man as our god because man is the most dominant species on the planet right now.

These cultures worshiped the likes of the feathered serpent, Quetzalcoatl and Kukulcan, because the reptile or serpent was the most dominant species 200 million years ago, whereby at the edge of each continent in Pangaea is a dominant pyramid culture, these cultures include the Inca’s, Mayan’s, Aztec’s, and Ancient Egyptians.

This book reflects upon the idea of how certain peoples, are connected to a cosmic cycle which enlightens them within bringing them back to the truth and God, while reflecting upon my awakening and recounting this journey of discovery I became convinced that the island of Ireland lay very close to a once known ancient global trading center or civilization named Atlantis or the land of Punt as the ancient Egyptians knew it and that some Irish were also connected to this cosmic cycle enlightening them within, bringing new ideas and technologies into the world and reestablishing old knowledge and languages which had been forgotten.

Upon this realization that Ireland was close to the center of a vast trading empire and kingdom, and realizing that there perhaps and possibly is a Gaelic or Celtic kingdom which stretches throughout the world, to lands in America to the west and as far east as Asia.

This idea of how Ireland was once at the center of our Galaxy, “the Milky way” is reflected upon when reading about the “Battle of the Boyne”, where Protestant forces eventually triumphed over the ruling Irish, while some recount how this battle was a cosmic battle and that the river Boyne itself once ran through the Galactic center.

It may also be worth noting, how the word Gaelic and Galactic have similar linguistic constructs, alluding to a relationship here within the Irish language and its links to cosmic or Galactic events, portraying the idea that the Gaelic cross itself describes our suns transit across the Galactic center, how the cross is the Galactic cross and the circle behind it is the sun, how Christ may have visited Ireland in a more ancient time as he awoke through life within his spiritual transit across the Galactic plane or cross and that the term Irish may not originate in Ireland but may be something which describes a visiting race who have links to the “Rishi’s” in India who may have once called Christ Sri, Re’s or Irish.

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Sodom and Gomorrah & Sodom(eye) et ja'amore.!.

Sodom.! and Gomorrah.! .

Sodom and Gomorrah & Sodom(eye) et ja’amore..

Genesis 19.
The destruction of sodom.

1 – When the two angels reached Sodom in the evening, Lot was sitting at the gate of the town.
As soon as he saw them, he rose to meet them, bowed with his face to the ground,

2 – and said, “My Lords, I pray you  come to your servant’s house to stay the night. Wash your feet, and then in the morning you may  rise early and go on your way.” They said, “No we will spend the night in the square.”

3 – But so strongly did he insist that they went with him to his house; there he prepared a   meal for them,   baking bread without   yeast. This they ate…

4 – They had not yet gone to bed when men from the town surrounded the house; they were the men of Sodom, young and old, the entire population.. .

The sea men of Sacramento

Gizza’bel and his wife had cometh, and they came into the seas of Sacramento, where they found his sea men.

His sea men were everywhere, in the waters and all over the solar barge.

There was nothing but sea men, everywhere.

These sea men, had been swimming in the waters a long time, but to their dismay didn’t find or catch anything.

The sea men were also fishing, and no matter how many times they pulled their rods up and down, jerking back and forth, these sea men could not catch a bite.

Gizza’bel had come to retain his sea men, for he had promised to help them catch something for supper.

He came to teach his sea men, that they had been pulling their rods up and down for too long and that this was the reason no life had surfaced from the waters.

That the sea men needed to wait at least for as long as the moon made its cycle.

For when the moon was in full cyclical view, the waters would rise and fill with life.

Gizza’bel said to the sea men, that even they themselves would feel like they had come alive when the waters rose with the moon.

But that the sea men had to be wary, that when all life did surface from the waters and felt alive that they needed to pay close attention to the big black cat.

For she would eat everything, even the sea men.

There was many a struggle with this illusive cat, some called her the pussy cat, while others referred to her as the sphincter.

But as long as the sea men could wait for the moon to rise the waters and bring life, and they could with hold the sphincter or pussy cat back, and when the sea men could see the waters rise with their eyes, then they were safe, then they could wish for any lifeforms to rise out of the waters and it would manifest.

The sea men were delighted with this, and were no longer worried, they had almost become light-hearted, for the sun had also rose, the light was present, and it was time to fish.

For some sea men said that they even seen their own children rise from the waters, while the sea men swam.

Others did not believe the sea men when they said that all life had come from the water and that they had only seen this in a dream and that it was not real.

But the sea men knew and even Gizza’bel and his wife had said it themselves, that when they came into the seas of Sacramento and Gizza’bel retained his sea men, that they had seen their own children swimming in the waters and rising out as if being birthed from the mouth of the river.

Even as Gizza’bel’s wife spoke, her lips did open, she said something, and at her surprise she said she heard the sea men say “her children were swimming in the seas of Sacramento”.

Will I be long, Longing to belong to you?


Longing for you, will it be long?

I belong to you, do you think we or I will be long or will I belong or longing for you?
When will you cometh, will I cometh too,
The Lord says he will cometh, I hope you will cometh too?

Do I belong, or will I be long coming to you.
When will it dawn on you, that we belong as two?

Why do you not cometh?, is it because I long for you so?
As if I wanted you for a selfish woh.
If it is so, then I must be desireless, for it is because I know, that we cannot be so.

This creative life must flow, upward where desire does not know.
Ascending the path where there is nothing, you must know.

We are always connected and yet it does not seem so, through imagery suggested our creative love does flow.

Like the sands of time and that which hugs or crawls on the earth’s floor. All Of creation lies in wait to be created once more.

All who have succeeded have come to feel your creative life of love, filling our hearts like some creative love bug.

Like a child your creative life must climb, into the clouds and up and up into the pyramid waters of the mind.

And although you do test me, time and again, my love does not wain, for I love you in spite of the pain, and you shall see me rise in golden orange hue, for these are the colours I will wear for you.

But when I have a risen and white light is shone upon high, my colours of dawn will turn violet in your eye.

Then you will see me up in the sky, way upon the clouds way up on high.

I will erect me a temple, In worship of you, a third temple in adoration of the ewe.
For he who did ressurect for me and for you, a temple shall rise erect for us two.

For the flame shall burn bright in our hearts, and the light shall shine for our love to start.
Like twins we are from apart, it is only you who connects above and below and to my heart.

For then I shall rise like the colours of the sunrise inside me, and they shall say to me O sir rise.
For it was he who rose again and whose temple must erect and rise.

For his pen is written and his rise and fall is true, and so his temple shall rise erect for us too.

For if this does not happen and it is not true, then we shall not meat and the snake and scorpion and fire will rule.

The fires of creation shall burn us orange or red and rise into our eyes and our love shall be dead.

A world without joy, a world without sorrow.
My beloved baby I wouldn’t see you tommorow.

A world without joy, a world without sight.
My beloved creative child I wouldn’t dream of you tonight.

Are you longing for me? Will we belong as three.
If you belong in me, then I will be long in you.

Only time will tell us, only the colours of the sun can heal and guide us.

We will only know when the sun rises, when the cock does crow, when the light does grow and guides us.