Through action we conquer death…


I want to share a recent dream I had, two separate dreams in the one night, but both dreams had an elephant in them.

I never dream of the same image twice, so this dream is significant, as for the first time an image in the form of an elephant had appeared twice.

This elephant was towering over me in the first dream and represents this enormous power inside me.

The second dream the elephant was pushing a metal cage, but the cage was covered in bedclothes, which I had to remove.

The elephant was struggling to push this metal cage as there were too many sheets wrapped around it.

I think this dream represents my inability to wake up and get out of bed and to access the full potential of my power I must wake up, get out of bed and take action.

In taking action I mean doing some anaerobic and aerobic exercises, go for a walk, a run, lift some weights.

Action activates the solar plexus, the joy, the passion.

This image of the elephant would have links to the far east and its symbolism.

In other posts I suggested that water represents the sacral and creative or sexual energy, so the elephant who spends time in the water would represent celibacy and rising into the solar plexus above the waters.

Once you take action in your life, through exercise you start to feel more positive about life.

The solar plexus is represented by a flame or fire, so this is where the idea of hell stems from or twin flames.

Notice in imagery in the Bible of Jesus being tempted by the devil.
How Jesus not only fasts to rid himself of the devil, but that he is also taking action by climbing a mountain.

In the song “the climb” performed by Miley Cyrus, she sings the lyrics “it’s the climb”.

It’s not where you are going that is important nor the destination, it’s the climb, it’s the action you take…

After repeated action in your life you start to resonate at a more positive frequency as you feel happier in yourself, you find people like your vibe and want to be around you more often, this increased interaction brings new ideas and opportunities and it almost feels life the universe is in complete alignment with you.


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