Irish connections to Atlantis.


..Atlantis ascension program…

This section explores the idea that Irish Bards and Druids have thought the world and much like we have monks in Christianity and Buddhism and Guru’s in India teaching the world today. In the ancient world were Bards who travelled the world teaching humanity.

Observe maps of Pangaea as to how the world looked 200 million years ago, if we consider that the pyramid cultures in Africa and Meso-America existed over 200 million years ago, then we find that all the pyramids would be beside the ocean in this map.

While the book “Me Dia” postulates the belief that these cultures are this old for they all worship some sort of reptile in their pantheons, much like how we today worship the image of man as our God because man is the most dominant species on the planet right now.

These cultures worshipped the likes of the feathered serpent, like Quetzalcoatl and Kukulcan, for the reptile or serpent was the most dominant species 200 million years ago, at the edge of each continent in Pangaea is a dominant pyramid culture, these cultures are the Inca’s, Mayan’s, Aztec’s, and Ancient Egyptians.


It is interesting to note that when anagrams of these names are created some striking similarities with the Biblical names of Cain and Abal in Genesis present themselves, to elaborate the word Inca is an anagram of Cain, Ba’al who it is presumed is Osiris in ancient Egyptian pantheons, is the lord in the oldest Egyptian texts and therefor is Abal, Aztec or Estec becomes Setec or Satek which in ancient Egyptian is Seth.

Three sons of Adam and Eve, Cain, Abal and Seth(ek) i.e. Inca, Ba’al and AZethek.

After researching this and other mythologies some striking similarities could be seen, could the Bible be alluding to the idea that the beginning of mankind is with these pyramid cultures.

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