Sexual Transmutation, Sexual Sublimation, What Is Sexual Energy and How to Use It

What is Sexual Energy Specifically?

There are many different types of energy and sexual energy is one of them.

Every living thing on the planet – including human beings, animals, plants, and micro-organisms – is here because of sex and sexual energy. It is the energy of life and the energy of creation.

Sexual energy at its most basic level is the driving force behind the sexual act itself. It is linked to both innate biological programs as well as our desires.
Your sexual energy is a life-giving energy which is sustaining and maintaining you all the time.

A deeper look into sexual energy also reveals that it is not just some survival instinct to propagate the species, but is in fact our life force energy and life creation energy. It is the energy that brings forth and creates life first and foremost but it also sustains life.
Sexual energy is life-giving energy which animates all living creatures. Throughout your life, on a physical level, your sexual energy sustains you and nourishes you. In other words, it gives you life at birth but it doesn’t end there. This energy accompanies you throughout your entire life, regenerating your cells constantly.

Sexual energy is the energy of creation and creativity. All of us ultimately stem from sex. We are a creation of sex and it is our origin. Without sexual energy there would be no life because there would be no urge, motivation, or driving force to create life.
Sexual energy is life and life is sexual energy. The two are inseparable.

Beyond the creation of life, sexual energy can be used to create and give birth to other things too such as a business, a long-lasting relationship, a novel or piece of art, money, success, and so on.

At the end of the day, sexual energy is a neutral energy, like all other energies. Its utility is not limited, confined, or narrowly defined. To understand its potential, it is necessary to broaden the concept beyond a correlation with just sex. It is an energy of force with a lot of power behind it and with the right intention, it can be channeled to any purpose, passion, goal or direction.

Bottom line, sex, sexuality, and sexual energy are fundamental to who you truly are. You are a sexual being and in spiritual Tantra that is revered and celebrated, not abhorred and rejected.

It is your superpower IF you understand it properly and know how to use it.

Sexual Transmutation Definition:

Transmutation is defined as the process of being changed into another form. Sexual transmutation is therefore when the sexual energy specifically is changed into another form.
You see, the sexual energy is a very raw and dense form of energy that is produced and contained in the sex center of your being. In more esoteric terms, this is known as the sacral or second chakra.
In this crude form, sexual energy tends to be heavy and to wreak more havoc then good. When there is an excess or imbalance of sexual energy it can cause things such as overwhelming and chaotic emotions, strong sexual urges, irresponsible behavior, aggression, agitation, overthinking, disproportionate reactions, hysteria, diseases of the sexual organs, sexual dysfunctions, and other unpleasant phenomena.

What is sexual alchemy?

Sexual alchemy is the term that Esther Perel uses to describe the erotic nature of affairs. The term is used in place of simply sex because so many affairs do not include sexual acts. It avoids the narrow definition utilized by those such as Bill Clinton.
Sexual alchemy is about so much more than just sex. Esther says that the kiss we only imagine giving can be more powerful than hours of actual love making. After all, our mind is truly our most powerful sexual organ.

Barhamachariya (Celibacy):

Brahmacharya is a divine word. It is the sum and substance of Yoga. Brahmacharya is the Achara or conduct by which you attain or reach Brahman (God). It is life in the Absolute. It is movement towards God or the Atman (Self).

Brahmacharya is absolute freedom from sexual thoughts and desires. It is the vow of celibacy. It is control of all the senses in thought, word and deed.

Brahmacharya is not mere bachelorhood. There should be strict abstinence not merely from sexual intercourse but also from auto-erotic manifestations, from masturbation, from homosexual acts and from all perverse sexual practices. It must further involve a permanent abstention from indulgence in erotic imagination and voluptuous reverie.
In a narrow sense, Brahmacharya is celibacy.

In a broad sense, it is absolute control of all the senses. The door of Nirvana (liberation) or perfection is complete Brahmacharya.
Celibacy is to a Yogi what electricity is to an electric bulb. Without celibacy no spiritual progress is possible. It is a potent weapon and shield to wage war against the internal evil forces of lust, anger and greed. It serves as a gateway for the bliss beyond, and opens the door of liberation. It contributes perennial joy and uninterrupted bliss. It is the only key to open the Sushumna (the chief among astral tubes in the human body running inside the spinal column) and awaken the Kundalini (the primordial cosmic energy located in the individual).

There cannot be any language without words. You cannot draw a picture without a canvas or a wall. You cannot write anything without paper. Even so, you cannot have health and spiritual life without celibacy.
An established celibate will not feel any difference in touching the opposite sex, a piece of paper, a block of wood, or a piece of stone. A true celibate only can cultivate Bhakti (devotion). A true celibate only can practice Yoga. A true celibate only can acquire jnana (wisdom).

Brahmacharya is meant both for men and women. Bhishma, Hanuman, Lakshmana, Jesus, Mirabai, Sulabha and Gargi were all celibates.
Process of Sexual Transmutation and Sublimation:

Transmutation and sublimation is a process that can be either spontaneous or consciously and deliberately fostered and brought about. In the latter case, there is ample scope for the effective application of the facts and laws ascertained or rediscovered by modern dynamic psychology, and for the use of active techniques based on them. Here are some practical methods for such applications:

  1. A firm conscious control of the drive to be transmuted, in which, however, care should be taken to avoid any condemnation or fear of it, as this could result in its repression in the unconscious. Non-condemnation of the drive, as such, does not imply a lack of realization of one’s serious responsibility for the consequences, both individual and social, of its unregulated expression. Control can be helped by simple physical means, such as brisk muscular activity and rhythmic breathing, but the most effective, and at the same time the higher, way of controlling both the sexual and the power drives is the acceptance and recognition of every human being as a “Thou” to be respected, and not as an “object” for the gratification of our pleasure, an “it” to be dominated and exploited. The reality of such a basic “right relation” to our fellowmen and our duty to recognize it have been convincingly expounded and emphasized by Martin Buber (2).
  2. The active release, development and expression of the various aspects of personal and spiritual love – love for one’s mate; love for others, beginning with those close to one and expanding to include increasing numbers of human beings in ever-widening circles and “upwards” towards God or the Supreme. The emphasis should be put on the expression of love – in understanding and cooperation in altruistic and humanitarian activities.
  3. The deliberate projection of one’s interest, aspiration and enthusiasm towards some creative work into which all one’s energies can be poured. Various techniques for creative expression can be used for this purpose, such as drawing, writing, movement (Assagioli, 1).
  4. The use of symbols. These exercise a strong attractive power on all our energies, conscious and unconscious, and specifically foster the process of transmutation. Jung in his Contributions to Analytical Psychology (9) went so far as to state: “The psychological machinery which transmutes energy is the symbol.” There is a great variety of symbols having an anagogic (uplifting) influence that can be made to serve this process, of which ideal human figures or “models” constitute an important class. Two types of these ideal figures, different and in a sense opposite, are respectively suited to men and women. A man may visualize some hero or a human-divine Being, such as the Christ, or he can use the image of an ideal woman like Dante’s Beatrice or the Madonna. Inversely a woman can take as a model the highest type of womanhood her imagination can conceive or an image of the ideal Man. The influence of such “images” is beautifully expressed in the Indian saying: “Ganga (the sacred river) purifies when seen and touched, but the Holy Ones purify when merely remembered.”
    A simple and effective symbol is the lotus plant which transmutes the mud and water of the pond into the delicate substance and beautiful form and hue of its flower. This it does through its own inherent vitality and through the life-giving energy of the sun’s rays. Desoille in his therapeutic method of the guided day-dream (4a) has made use of symbolic movement upward for the purpose of sublimation and transformation. Kretschmer (10) has summarized various techniques of imagery which can be used to foster this process of sublimation. Other anagogic symbols may be produced spontaneously in dreams and in free drawing; Jung and his followers (E. Harding (8), F. Wickes (13) and others) have made an extensive study and application of them.
  5. Close psychological communion with individuals or groups who have realized, or are striving to realize, the same aim. As there are chemical catalysts, so there are “human catalysts,” whose influence, radiation, and the “atmosphere” they create, greatly facilitate psychological transformations.
    The importance and value of transmutation and sublimation-not only of the sexual energies but of all other drives – should be more widely known and appreciated, and the methods for putting them in operation should be more extensively applied in psychotherapy, education, and self-actualization. The process of transmutation and sublimation may be compared to the regulation of the waters of a great river, which prevents recurring disastrous inundations or the formation of unhealthy marshes along its banks. While a portion of the water is permitted to flow freely to its natural destination, the remainder is diverted through proper channelling to appropriate mechanisms that transform its energy into electricity to be employed as motive power for industrial and other purposes. In a parallel way, the conscious or unconscious drives, which produce so much individual suffering and social disturbance, can become, if rightly controlled and channelled, the springs of activities having great human and spiritual value.

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