Luke 23: 35 – 43

Christ of God, the Chosen One!

Christ of God.

This is one of the special passages of the Holy Scriptures, riddled with mockery, scorn, ridicule, and suffering.

Regardless of everything that Jesus went through, He wanted and was persistent in only one thing all that time, and that was to free us from sin, give us eternal life and prepare apartments in the Kingdom of His Father.

Soldiers and many others mocked Jesus, so a sign appeared on the crisis above his head with the inscription ‘This is the king of the Jews’.

In the following, we witness the conversation of 2 robbers who were crucified with Jesus, one on his right and the other on his left, when we go a little deeper into thinking, we can only guess what was going through the minds of these people at that moment of agony and torment at the crisis, but again we see that regardless of everything, the left-hand thief still insulted Jesus as if the condemnation was not enough for him to turn and repent, but that’s why we see that the right-hand thief subdues the first one and says:
‘Don’t you fear God too, who are under the same condemnation? But we in justice because we deserved it with our actions, and he – he didn’t do anything wicked.’

Here we clearly see that the robber on the right is aware of his situation, he has come to the act of repentance, but also the realization that Jesus is God-savior and redeemer. The moment when he asked Jesus with the words ‘Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom’, that was clear confirmation that he accepted Jesus as his Savior and had faith in Him.

Jesus, who was in terrible torment and pain, I believe that I am much, much stronger than the robbers next to him, fighting for every breath, spoke to that robber:
I really tell you today you will be with me in paradise!

This is an answer that I believe really suited that robber, and it clearly tells us who Jesus is, how great is His mercy and love for us sinners, far ahead of anything we will ever understand.

That’s why I encourage you all in this way to never hesitate to turn to Jesus when you are suffering or going through some difficult periods of your life. With thanksgiving and prayer, let’s allow Jesus to heal, guide and build us.

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