Surviving the cross…

In an earlier post, I alluded to the idea that the colour sequence of the sun as it makes its ascent, mimics that of the colour sequence of the chakras or energy centres.

Root – red.
Sacral – orange.
Solar – yellow.
Heart – white.

So what we think is spiritual understanding, is also earthly, solar, universal understanding aswell.

This is a fitting analogy for understanding our energy centres and what we can expect when we ascend through them.

Imagine you are observing the sun from a space station, the sun is yellow or white when you look at it.

This is the sun’s true colours.

Now imagine you are back on earth, and you are watching the sun rise from the ground.

The sun appears red and then orange, but as we know this is not the sun’s true colours.

The sun is not itself when it is red or orange, nor is the sun focusing on itself when it is this colour..

This is a fitting analogy of how we can understand our own energy centres.

When our energy or awareness is in the red / orange or root and sacral chakra, we are not focusing or the sun / son of man is not focusing on us.

The sun / son is focusing on the earth, material, root needs when it is red and on our family and community or sexual animal nature when it is orange.

As I have demonstrated from the analogy above, of observing the sun from the space station, the sun is not itself, nor is it focusing on itself when it is low in the sky and it doesn’t become or focus on itself until it becomes yellow.

This is a spiritual analogy, that we don’t focus on ourselves or own needs and wants until our awareness shifts into the yellow or solar plexus chakra.

Not until we purge ourselves of our material wants and sexual desires within the root and sacral, do we awaken within the solar plexus and start to become ourselves and focus on our own lives.

What we think is spiritual understanding or understanding only assigned to faith, can also be used to understand our solar system, universe, science etc.

This can be demonstrated also when we observe crosses, particularly celtic crosses.

The circle on the cross represents our sun or son, the cross in between represents the galactic cross, with which the sun ascends or descends through.

When this happens the vibration of everything around it increases, forcing all life to awaken or eveolve.

This can be a difficult time for life, adjusting to new frequencies etc.

But there is a simple way to get through this vibrational shift and that is simply to act like and give up with the sun / to the son.

This also serves as an analogy for sun worship and the statement I made above “to give up with the sun”, may represent giving up pagan sun worship ideas, giving up the idea that everything is only energy from the galaxy and failing to see that there is aslo life, rather give up to the son and realise that the greatest purpose has no purpose, but is to simply exist without a need, with only unconditional love for any situation or person you may encouter.

Give up earthly / material / root possesions when the sun is red.

Give up sexual desires when the sun is orange.

Give up food and fast when the sun is yellow.

And finally give up your life to Jesus Christ, God, our lady etc when the sun is in the white light of the heart.

This is how you survive the galactic Cross, anything else only serves the ego of the individual self and will only lead to headaches, anxiety, depression, burning sensations etc.

In a sense the only way you can survive the frequencies of the galactic cross, is to be Christ like and give yourself up for others.

Only love or Christ will survive, only God is eternal.

For all other life will see no purpose in it and will wither away serving their own needs and desires.

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