Magic and its relation to notes and tones.

While it can be observed within many magic traditions which involve movement, how partialur sounds are invoked either to heal, balance or communicate with a magic divinity within…

How certain scales may have been employed in the ancient past with the intention of conjuring magick within…

One such scale which may be the origin of many’s a magick book, may be derived from the solfeggio scale.

Employing seven tones here which may influence what is called seven chakras or energy centres within far Eastern spiritual practice.

We also may surmise how the creators of such languages within the Western world may have derived word origins from other languages and traditions in the past, particularly from the traditions outlined above.

Embedding what we think are ordinary English words for example with particular tones, within magical or faith based scriptures, when in reality words within this language may have an otherworldly origin.

There are seven tones within the solfeggio scale and seven chakras or energy centres.

Do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti.

Ma = 3rd chakra, do, re, mi or ma…

Noting how the third tone here is “mi” and how this tone may refer to the third chakra, the solar plexus…

We may surmise here how the sound “ma or mi” in magic may refer to this tone also, referring to the solar plexus…

While the solar plexus is a golden or yellow colour, it is interesting how the Magician and author, Alistair Crowley refers to his magical book as the “Golden Dawn“.

How the word solar in solar plexus may also refer to the solar system, sun and the dawn…

Golden = solar plexus…
Dawn = sun & solar system…

While observing certain magical rituals it is interesting to see how similar they are in expression to yoga poses and routines within Indian Aryuvedic spiritual practice.

Golden dawn postures = yoga.
Yogam = Magoy or magic.

Noting how the third chakra may also refer to the third eye, the mind and thought.

It may be interesting to note the ancient Egyptian God Thot and the linguistic similarities his name has with thought and perhaps his association with the third eye, the solar plexus and magic.

How the functions of the mind, memory, concentration, thought etc may be enhanced when opening the solar plexus.

Thoth = mind, 3rd eye…
3rd chakra, 3rd eye, mind, thought, Thoth.

While the letters “gi” and “c”, may refer to chi energy and transmutation of that with which is below the solar plexus, referring to animal base or earthly sources of energy..

K = ki, chi.
Magic = ma, gi, c.
Gi , c = ki or chi..

Wheras the tone sol is present within the words Solfeggio and solar plexus – sol ar plexus…

There are other words found in magic or faith based traditions which have similar tones inserted within them.

Such words include:
Hermetic, hermet, her meet.
Gematria, gi, ma, 3.
Maitreya, ma, 3, eye…

Denoting the third energy centre or third eye.

Ti – Crown.
La – Third eye
Sol – throat.
Fa – heart.
Mi – solar plexus…
Re – sacre..
Ut – Do – Root.

Wherein the solar plexus is also associated with the fire it may be interesting to observe how the tone “ma” may be present within the word magma, referring to a rock which we may observe being on fire or of being igneous.

Magma, igneous.

While the word ignis means fire in Latin.

Latin: ignis, fire.

The sanskrit word “Mani” is also present within the word Manifest, denoting the solar plexus…

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