The Asian Chi Cat.

As I have outlined in other posts, that from an ancient Indian or Egyptian perspective the cat represents the highest physical form of the sexual and creative forces, and as I watch the fight scene between Bruce Lee and Chuck Morris, I’m taken aback by the cat, which seems to show up throughout this fight scene.

What does the cat have to do with this fight scene?

Why does Bruce Lee make a sound like a cat when he punches, is this reference to the cat or chi energy?

Chi energy is referred to as sexual energy In Asian philosophy.

The ancient Egyptians built a sphinx, in adoration of the cat.

Ancient Indians can be seen riding cats in artistic imagery.


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The word “cat” , can be seen numerous times in the words cathedral, Cat-hechism, or Catholic, reffering to Christian faith.

Where does the word “Kata” originate if not from “Cata, or Cat”.

Could asia have adopted the same imagery of the cat, to represent creative, sexual or chi forces?

Perhaps what this fight scene is alluding to is, the reason that Bruce Lee won this fight, is because he has high chi or creative, sexual energy and the imagery of the cat confirms this.

This fight scene also makes reference to another important point I have made in other posts and that is the addition of sound to a pose, in the form of a “purr” , cat sound etc.

That the “purpose” is the “purr-pose”.

Artistic movement in Asia, whether it is Thai chi or martial arts, holds the same basic premise as yoga in India and that is to perform movement’s with stretching while adding sound.

The sound can come in the form of shouting, chanting, praying, singing etc.

The movement comes in the form of yogic poses, Thai chi, martial arts etc, or perhaps marital arts.

But to the ancient Egyptians, it was the purr pose, a downward cat pose with the addition of a purr.

Native Americans refer to a blue and red star called the kachina, could the “kachina” render to “Cat-chi-na” and also is referring to the sphinx, cat, creative and sexual forces.

Could the “kachina or Cat-chi-na” spark a catastrophe (Cat-as-trophy), suggesting that adoration of the cat as a trophy could cause a catastrophe.

“Cat-chi-na”, may suggest Unification of repressed creative or sexual forces.

Pink Panther:

Thunder Cats:

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