Spiritual Awakening

How does an omnipotent God gets its powers?.

People go through spiritual awakenings or DNA activations and realise what God is and their own God power, but this growth takes several years and can be a very difficult time.

So people are tested Before they become God.
Almost like being tested before you go to heaven.

So life tests an omnipotent God before they realise their God potential.

I don’t see God as this big consciousness which hangs over the sky or in the universe, rather it is something people must grow into to become sustainable or eternal.

We all may have different viewpoints on what God is.

But I do think that a future race will come whom will dominate the sky’s and they will be more sustainable and harmonious than the current races and this is who God is in its physical form.

This is whom spiritualists or occultists call the future sixth root race, I believe the six corresponds to the sixth chakra in Hindu and Sanskrit texts, and refers to the mind.

A future race that will be more logically and rationally minded than the current races.
This is why Jesus or God is often depicted in the clouds as the sixth or brow chakra is a dark blue color and refers to the color of the sky.

This future race will reward or pass justice on humanity accordingly.
They will be God in its physical form.

I actually believe that Sethan is derived from the number six,
in Irish sé means six.
So Sethan is sé than.

Taine in Irish means fire, so sé taine means the sixth spiritual fire.
Even the word sé could mean to see, and also refers to the eye, to see.
The eyes are in the sixth chakra, brow.

That it is Sethan that is the head of the sixth root race, and this is why consecutive monarchic and aristocrital powers have sought to demonise this name.

Because it represents a more logical and complex world which they can’t control.
Think about why is there so much effort put into demonising this name.

This would explain why Jesus and lucifer are both called the morning star. (Isaiah 14:12, Revelation 22:16).
They are the same being, in the clouds or in the sixth chakra.

Some may ask as to why I’m equating the Irish language or Ireland with Sethan or spiritual topics, the reason is that I have identified that Irish or red haired people with so many faiths throughout the world.

That Kukulkan the feathered serpent in the mesoamerican pantheon has a similar description to Satan and lucifer in the bible.
That the mythical warrior in Ireland named Sethanta. Whom grows up to become cuchuilain and whose fathers name is Lugh, actually matches up with these names.

The fire as in the Irish word tine, refers to a spiritual fire which rises inside people to awaken them.
That since 3113 bc when early cultures believed the fifth sun had been emerging, that it was activating the fifth chakra or throat in Hindu and Sanskrit scriptures.

This awakening is known as Beltane in Ireland, and it equates to bheal meaning mouth and tine again meaning fire.
Which would give a fitting description of a dragon breeding fire through its mouth,
L.O.R.D (loyal order of the red dragon) Levithian.

job 41:12 – 21

this is the awakening of the throat chakra or mouth. (Awakening language, poetry, storytelling).
Which may be the reason god names everything in the beginning of Genises in the bible.
Now is the time for the sixth sun, sixth root race, sixth chakra (mind) etc.

The spiritual fire inside us will reach the mind and exit through the eyes, perhaps to see and speak universal truths from a more logical and rational viewpoint.

I want to make one final point here, and that to understand where has the omnipotent name God come from and why the name God?.
It is the word dog backwards for a reason.
And the opposite may represent a god whom has the head of a dog.

This would be Seth in ancient Egypt, and again this name represents six, the sixth chakra (mind) and the head of God.
Look at technological advances in the modern world, such as television, computers, Internet, cameras etc.
They’re all eyes into other worlds, awakening the eye of an omnipotent god within the sixth sun, sixth chakra, brow or minds eye.
It is also the reason ancient scriptures say that the kalki Maitreya is here in this life and he is the physical eyes or sign that God exists.

Sixth sun,
sixth chakra (minds-eye),
Sixth root race.

Something extra to consider.

Job 40:21

“Out of his nostrils goeth smoke, as out of a seething pot or caldron”.
I would argue that this sentence from the book of job should read,
“Out of his nostrils cometh smoke, as out of a seething pot or caldron”.

The word cometh has two meaning, It means to come and also means for a large celestial body to move across the sky.
My point is that the word cometh meaning to come was created while someone was awakening within the throat chakra and developed the word cometh to not only reflect the word to come but also the cometh in the sky.
Both the throat (development of language) and events in the air or sky have a direct correlation.


“World hold on, everybody in the universe. One day you will have to answer to the children of the sky“.

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